Saturday, November 5, 2016

SAT's, Saying goodbye to Pops, Hired by Sue Sue and Chillin' at the Chili Supper

 A too-busy day (wasn't supposed to be that way, but I should know better by now).  Hays probably had the most exciting day--taking her first SAT!  I had no idea that thing took like 6 hours. I was getting a little worried when it was 1:30pm and we had not heard from her.  Thankfully at 2, she had contacted us.  SATs sound fun. She said it went ok, but not as easy at the PSAT.  I'm sure she did great!  And she got to spend the evening celebrating her roomie's bday at an NYC diner and now is at sleepover at a friend's in NJ.
 Well, Hays was up before us and we slept in.  Someone wanted to sleep in more, but the boys were not allowing that!  Poor sleepy Shelb!
 Morning racing with Pops :)
 Shelb stepped it up and made eggs for is her new specialty since she learned it in home ec.  Plus daddy made some yummy apple muffins with our orchard apples.  Gotta use those things up!
 Morning sports with Pops...never a dull moment.  Ash was not happy they were using her stuffed hamburger Shopkin!
 Not thrilled about her Pops' eggs.  She was a joy this morning.
 But Pops was grateful.  She needs to make a lot more eggs and sweep a lot of pools to thank Pops for the England money donation!
 Bfast with Pops...yumm!
 Then it was time to hug and say goodbye.  15 hours with Pops was not enough...but he will back!
 Awww, Shelb loves her Pops!
 Then it was time for chores...believe it or not, they did not get it all done in 4 hours. Good grief.
 Kev, Kev the Chili Man...his award winning chili ready for the chili supper...yes, winning once at church counts!
 Shelb spent most of her afternoon helping Sue Sue with her leaf was Shelb's first hired job...she worked hard. I don't have any pics, but I did get a few of her many leaves...and Logan walking through them! lol :)  He loved this truck!
 He came up with the idea to move each leaf one at a time...good idea, buddy!
 LOL...check out D's legs...lost in the leaves!
 Leaf angel!
 The kids would love this many leaves at our house...not sure I would though :)  Sue Sue has a forest of leaves!

 A lotta lotta 2 dozen piles...praying they stay put for the next 24 hours!
 Awww, great pics of Shelb and her employer!  I was proud of Shelb...she worked hard all day...and tomorrow she will finish!  I think there were 24ish piles in the front yard.  Yikes!
 Then off to the BTV chili supper at Shelb's middle school. This helps raise money for her England trip.  Kev helped set up...I helped with the auction...Shelb and Ash did too.  Here we are checking out all the baskets...not as many as previous years, but still some nice ones.
 Chili!  I think we only ate daddy's chili, but it was still good!
 My basket helper...she worked hard!
 The crowd looks sparce and it was smaller than usual...but we still had fun!  See Shelb?
 I think Shelb was pretty bummed daddy bid on the pie in the face bc she wanted a basket to take home (particularly the North HS basket)...but apparently daddy wanted to just donate money and not have stuff.  I guess he makes the money so that's his choice.  So Shelb and her bestie, Audrey, both pied their cross country teacher/science teacher in the face. It was cute.  But Shelb was still a little miffed at daddy for bidding on this, I think.  Hopefully it helps get her to England!
 Nice job, Shelb!
And we stayed til the end to clean up.  A full-days work.  And at least we get an extra hour of sleep as a reward!

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