Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saying goodbye to our New Yorker and trying not to be bah humbug (plus some half bday party planning)

Well, my computer is almost lava hot, so I am not posting many words. Just a sorta blah day as we said goodbye to our ballerina....but she did get to go to church with us and see two of her old besties...and then we came home and had one last good meal with her. A goodbye Lupper of sorts :)   And then she was off on her big plane to the big city.  Then we were home for a violin lesson and then home to work on our Christmas trees (thank you, Kev, I am overwhelmed with the thought of Christmas)...and also trying to plan a half bday party for Shelb...thankfully a simple one.  So not ready to jump back into the crazy routine this week, but the silver lining is that Nina will be here to join along in the craziness soon!


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