Wednesday, November 23, 2016

She's home and we're complete again!

Whohoo! The best thing about Thanksgiving week is we are complete again!  Our New Yorker has graced us with her presence...we are blessed and thankful! And we made sure to show her our appreciation by embarrassing her at the airport as usual!  Pictures and signage and cardboard face and all (lol, Dylan!) :)
But it's so good to have her home. Wish it was a little earlier in the day and some of us weren't slumbering, but oh well!
 And a few pics of our day/evening...actually the day pics are on my phone, but that will have to be a later post...we did finally get around to making apple turkeys tonight after dinner...Lo was all about the toothpicks!
 We made Hailey one in honor of her return home tonight from the Big Apple :)
 They got a little giddy...
 Can you tell they got their treat taken away tonight and all of them wanted some sugar!
 Our craftiness of the day...
Waiting on pins and needles for our girl to get off the plane!  Yes, some of us were overjoyed...others were half asleep :)
 adding a few more pics from my phone...our day...our morning.  We made donuts into turkeys...bc, why not?!
the craft was not enthused...bc she was in trouble....
the baker...making some our T-day bfast
the sweeper!
And some more airport pics...goofy guy!
proof of how that New Yorker of ours just blew right past us!
She was like a flash...a blurr...but I can still see her eyes rolling at! :) New Yorker....look at how she just ignored us and our coolness!
Her dinner...cheese stick on the slumbering Lo...and already going through her mail at midnight...and check out the donut she brought her thought it was a bagel!  Only in NYC....

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Nancy Gritter said...


Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!