Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sleep-in Thursday

A lovely lazy Thursday.  Nice to not get up when the alarm went off...but instead my little boy crawled into bed with me and we slept til almost 9...nice.
Thanks to daddy for taking on the morning routine.

 Then we headed to "new school" and joined Miss Laura's other preschool class for a tour of the firetruck. 
 He clung to me entirely...and he was nervous. I think he has a healthy fear of fire for some reason, bc if you remember our real trip to the fire station was a bust with "old preschool". But this tour was pretty cool bc we got to see all the tools on the fire truck...Lo likes tools!
 Love that sweet boy clutching to his mama for dear life :) 
 The other class invited us to snack time.  It was so cute to watch how they do it.  All about speech, which is why our boy is here!
 Lunch with my other boy...they are a hoot, those boys (and girl...we love Ellie too!)  I brought them a package of wafers...this is always a highlight.  They are so funny :)
 Crazy gang :)
 Never a dull moment :)
 Someone has lunch with the principal tomorrow (an honor for good students)...yay!
 Someone made a diaper cake for her friend who has a new sister...what a fun core group activity!  We brought socks and hair bows.  Love diaper cakes!
 Sweet boy and an accidental mess.  He can be so emotional sometime.
 Proof that our D plays cello!   He's pretty good for just having started too!  I think he has music in him :)
 Lost tooth!  He guessed it would happen this week.  It was a bloody one though!  Ash has a loose one too so we are waiting...
Someone passed all her math facts...she and one other boy in the class were top for this and competing against each other.  Plus she got a singing part in the music program for school. She was excited and practiced tonight for us :)

So glad it's almost the weekend!

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