Friday, November 4, 2016

Surprise...Pops is here! :)

Well, surprise, surprise...Pops is in town!  Kev and I knew he was coming, but we decided to let him surprise the kids.  He sure did!  He came while we were having dinner and rang the door bell...we were outside, but Kev heard he answered and told Pops to come around back.  A few young Stegs were mighty surprised!  Ash was the one who noticed first, then Loggy...the other two looked dazed and confused!
Love the hugs for Pops!

 LOL...this (below) is after they made a comment about why Nina wasn't here and Pops said she wouldn't fit in his suitcase!  I beg to differ...Nina is very flexible...but I know she does not like enclosed places :)
 Pops grabbed some cold pizza and ate by the bird feeder. He is at one with birds...and Ash was talking his ear off about something...probably about our random sunflower that keeps growing here thanks to the bird seed.
 Awww, Pops and his Shelb!
 Pops and his Ash!
 LOL...I am not even sure how it came up, but Shelb was talking about England and all the money she has to raise...and it was like a scene from Nutcracker all of a sudden.  Pops is Drosselmeyer and he pulls out a big wad of money and all the kids are ecstatic wanting it to be theirs...but Shelby/Clara comes running in...
 ...and the Nutcracker (aka money) is hers!  Thankfully no one tore it out of her hands!  Bless that ol' softy, Pops! We told her she will have to do a lot of pool cleaning and weeding in FL in December when we visit!
 LOL...Loggy just wanted to run...and be chased...
 So sweet...hand in hand :)
 While Pops looked for lost things...the kids played...
 And we started a campfire. I wanted to do this last weekend when we carved pumpkins, but we ran out of time...and soon it will be too cold. We wanted to use up our old wood.  So we did it tonight.  The kids played football with Pops.
 And then dug into our Halloween candy...they gave Pops some of his favs...and we used some random stuff to make smores (fyi...Reeces do not make good smores...sounded like a good was not.)
 Shelb making me two 'mellows...I told her I'd pay her 20cents for them.  She charges for everything now!  Living with her til June is going to be expensive!
 LOL...D kept charring his mellows.
 See what I them on fire!
 Then it was time for jokes and riddles.  D is the king of them, but it was not his night or rather his sisters kept spoiling his jokes.  Poo on them! There were a few too many jokes about chickens and roads and chicken's butts.
 But he did crack himself up a lot! :)
 He just kept this time his 4 pieces of candy had set in.
 LOL...probably worst picture ever of Pops and the kids, but I had to try to get one by the very sad fire in the pit.
 Then it was concert time....Shelb was rehearsing her orchestra piece for next has a scream in it and she is a finalist for the she had to show us how good she was.
 Then we had a twinkle cello/violin duet.  Interesting.
 They were in rare/normal? form...crazy stringed Stegs.
 Seriously crazy...
 This girl....she is something.  Not sure anyone would approve of this violin playing position?
 Hugs goodnight.
So glad Pops is here. We will miss him the next few days when he's in MI for a funeral, but so glad he will return to us next week to enjoy the craziness of our weekdays!  We love our Pops!

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