Saturday, November 19, 2016

Taking back time

Well, my computer is still angry...and angering me...but I am trying to not let it discourage me...and help is on the way...I am getting Kev's mom's old laptop in a week!  Hurrah! are a few pics of our day, but they did not all download, so that is also giving me angst.

 I love waking up to simplicity.  Sleeping in was the first simple pleasure.  Bliss.  The kids were just playing and I didn't get up and make a fancy bfast...I just let things go.  The only bummer of the day/morning is that daddy had to go to work (and the bummer of my night is he is still there...and probably will be all night and all day tomorrow...sigh)
 Our only thing to do today was go celebrate our littlest bestie's bday...YAY for Doc Sophie almost turning 4!  Lo and Ash had fun doctoring their animals at the Doc McStuffin's party! 
 Such a cute group of friends and Sophie was hilarious. At one point she told us all she was "just too tired to do this:.  lol!  That girl reminds me of my dramatic Ash!
 We had fun mail today.  The top mail was the news that Hailey received a named scholarship at SAB.  An honor for sure.  It does not help with financials for now, but I cannot say enough about those who donate to SAB. They have a huge donor base and we are so, so grateful to those who love the arts, especially ballet.  If I had unending money flow, I would donate to them to.  Such a good cause to send those to ballet school who would not otherwise be able to afford it. We are grateful. The 2nd bit of mail was our Thanksgiving invite/menu from Nina Stegs.  Each year she outdoes herself with the spread.  And notice who is the entertainment for the day...Shelb...playing her Vivaldi!
 Awww, so cute.  I found this in a pile of Ashley's stuff.  I thinks she was going to get rid of it, but I love it.  I especially love that Hailey has a red beard :) lol!
 D was my hero...he cleaned up the loft and helped finish the laundry by the time we got home from the party. You will appreciate this more when you see the pics from yesterday of the laundry pile and mess.
 Someone was super grumpy today.  He spit out pizza at the party and then asked for lunch at home and refused to eat it.  Then snuck candy and fruit snacks in a tent in the living room.  Off to bed he went after timeout.  He couldn't sleep, but he did read for a long time.  I couldn't help, but think he was cute. :)
 Lots of postcards from Nina and Poppy Stegs from their European boat!
 Final postcards we think...the pic of Dylan sorting his 420 postcards won't download...but we are working on a thank you for all those wonderful people out there who helped with this project!
 Helping Shelb tonight (driving around town looking for photo opts) for her final BTV portfolio project (fall pictures).  Love this sunset. 
 A Turkey themed dinner we threw together tonight.  Homemade turkey pizza (no turkey involved), homemade breadsticks and apple/caramel turkey,   Lo was not so sure...
 Ash made the pizza for us. She did good!  Shelb made the breadsticks
 We rented a movie and ate dinner while watching it.
We watched the Lea-American Girl movie.  Pretty good.  It was based in Brazil...and if you don't know, Kev's dad was born in Brazil and his family lived there for it was fun learning a little about it and seeing a movie set there.  Now Ash wants that doll for Christmas, of course.

Hopefully the rest of the pics download soon...but I need to catch some zzzz's so I can get up early and help at church.  I will say that I am changing my tune about life right now. Normally I sit with my laptop on my lap while the kids watch their movie. I did not tonight. I just sat there.  I am starting to steal back time that I otherwise fill with things.  I just need to start being still more often.  I am burning myself out constantly being on the go...constantly thinking.  In order to recharge I have to make changes.  Trying.

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Nancy Gritter said...

The Thanksgiving Dinner at the Stegemollers sounds amazing! Look at all those fabulous things to eat! And the entertainment sounds incredible as well! Yay Shelby! Yay Ron! We are all so blessed with loving families and enjoyable times! Loved your special dinner tonight! Cute and YUMMY at the same time! Good for you Kel, smelling the roses along the way; Keep it up! Poor Kev, he is gonna be so tired! Love you all, Mom