Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesdays wear me out

 I am wiped!  Wednesdays are not my fav., especially when I sub. I love subbing, but it leaves no free time, and then when I work all evening at church, I am just one worn out mama! are a few pics from yesterday and some of today. I am out of space on both my phones so pics will be pretty much non-existent til the weekend when I download them.  But it's been busy.  Hays took her PSAT today (she took this last year too, but this one is the real deal and counts for National Merit Scholarships...she's been studying a lot...real SAT is on Saturday...the girl is studying non-stop!)...the above pic is of her and Barb (her old summer roomie) a Halloween youth group thing at Barb's church in NYC last week. Fun! They were work-out girls.  Barb is going to stay with us in Feb. when she auditions for IU...I hope she knows what she's getting into! haha :)  She's cool and funny though so she should be able to handle crazy Steg house.  Anyway...the rest of the pics will have to be explained later...or you can make up your own captions :)  The one of Hays and her ballet friends is from today. I think they went out to dinner, but they all look to have gotten coffee.  And Shelb has been busy with homework and science projects and video projects.  It's never ending.  Our lives are too busy. :(

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