Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Worn out Wednesday

Well, I'm backtracking and adding pics.  Here is how our Wed. morning started out.  I knew when I went to bed at 1am what the outcome would be, but thought it newsworthy to put a pic on the blog.  No matter who you voted for or how you felt about the outcome, I think we can all agree that the results were surprising.  Enough said. 
 And then we set the election aside and moved on with our day....
 Pops was up early which is normal for him. He was able to see Shelb off to the bus...though he doesn't have to walk her to the bus stop anymore since the bus stops in front of our house...Shelb is the only one on it from our stop.  Lucky girl. No winters outside in the snow waiting for the yellow bus to pull up!
 Pops was ready and rearing to go on the closet. I didn't even get a before shot bc he had already pulled the dresser out...but you can imagine how cluttered the closet was...and you can see the pile of  boy clothes (for both boys) on the floor.  This closet needed help and Pops was willing to do it.  Phew!  Loggy kinda liked that he had a new place to play for now.
                                                                            Off to school...Pops likes going along for the ride.  Ash was being a bit stubborn, but she did pose for a pic with Pops before getting out of the van at school.  D was already at cello/strings.
 Off to preschool. Someone else was stubborn...and would not walk with Pops. He is a mama's boy when she is around :)
 He did like showing Pops his "old preschool" routine...dropping his show n tell in the bin for later!
 Then Pops went home and worked on the closet and I went to volunteer in Ashley's class.  They were holding their own class election...Ashley and three of her classmates were the final four.  This is her campaign manager.  They had a really cute slogan "Vote for Ashley--She's the best of the rest!"  I love it.  Ash came up with it. Only problem is that her friend at the next table stole the slogan and used it for herself. True politics!  Even in 2nd grade.   I told her to confront her...we'll see how that goes!
 I got to help with reading in the hall...all about presidential eligibility.  Let's just say I also heard a large handful of comments about our election and many not-so-nice names that rhyme with Trump.  It was humorous to say the least :)
 Then it was time to get Loggy from old preschool...he was happy, happy, happy to see Pops waiting for him!
 And off to our fav. place for lunch!  Finally he would separate himself from his mama and hang with Pops!
 Two goofballs!  And Lo and his normal lunch...fries and ice cream. 
 You know Pops...always a teaser.  Lo was eating his ice cream quite slowly and Pops went to get a spoon to speed him up.  Lo was not too sure about this...
 Notice where the ice cream is....
 Silly Pops.  But it did work...Lo finished that ice cream lickety split!
 Off to new school....showing Pops our backpack and all the zipper compartments.
 So sweet.  Pops was here for the first day of new school back in September and it was a totally different smiles then and a bit of hysterics. But 2 months later, things are good...he loves this school!
 Bless that good ol' Pops...he made some awesome changes in the boys' closet!
 And he joined in with the elementary kids and helped carry backpacks after school.
 And he was on violin duty for group class.  Nice pic :)
 Nina sent me this pic that Pops sent her. Sweet Shelb :)
 Kev and I met up and took the kids to dinner before church.  And lo and behold...someone tried something new...his first chicken nugget!  He did it for a Frosty...but it was worth it.  His 3rd ice cream of the day...and 2nd meal of fries and ice cream.  Whatta day for him!  I think Ash was afraid to watch the chicken nugget ordeal.  lol :)
 YAY!  Sweet Frosty success!
 We were actually at AWANA early...that never happens!  So early, we could jump over the pins and run around :)
 Since it was my off week at church for volunteering and Pops was on violin duty, Kev and I actually had 1.5 hours of date time.  We split a meal at Moes since I had an anniversary coupon.  No idea why they sent me an anniversary coupon in November, but I'll take it!
 And guess who showed up halfway through our!  No idea they were coming here!  But it worked out good bc it was kid's night and Shelb was free!
 LOL...the video of this is much better, but it is Pops saying "I was wrong"...I'll let you guess what he was talking about. The video was for Nina, but not sure he sent it. Shelby took it of him.  Too funny!  Pops is not wrong had to be taped for proof :) :)
 The finished closet!  Pops has to repaint, but otherwise, ready for all the stuff to go back in!  We'll see if this solves the clothing issue of two non-organized boys.
 And my NYC girl...can you spot her?  (at the end most likely trying to hide :)). I was glad to see a pic of her on instagram....I wasn't really worried about her being in NYC during all this election craziness, but she is only a couple blocks from Trump Tower and I know there are some crazies there now. that was our day.  Not terribly busy, but busy enough!  So glad Pops is here to help and hang with us!

Not sure if it was the late election night or just the normal Wednesday busyness, but I am tired so this post will be reevaluated tomorrow.  It was another great day with Pops and he got to be a part of all the action, which was probably a good distraction for him with all the election fun.  It's nice having him in town.  Things just seem easier with him around.  He's handy (fixed the boys' closet today) and he's easy going about most things and the kids like having him around (Kev and I do too :)).  It'd sure be nice if he lived closer.  Nina too, of course!

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