Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year's Eve--Ft. Laud (and some Miami) style!

I am putting the first picture first bc I love it...great pic of our crazy fam ringing in the New Year with fruity drinks and fun!  Love these Gritter-Stegs!  I need to hit the sack, but I will say it was a good day.  A lazy morning.  Then we all split ways again...Pops and Jeff went fishing, Nina and Candy and 4 kids went shopping and the rest of us headed south to Miami!  I wanted to see the city a little and see the Miami City ballet location and check out South Beach.  We didn't have much time, but we did have a delicious lunch at our fav. place--Shake Shack!  Now we have been to them in 3 different states...all equally as tasty, but this one had a Key Lime Concrete.  Yumm!  Then we raced home for the Gritter Grand family the gang surprised me with an early 40th bday.  Candy is so secretive. I thought she was making those cupcakes for the kids last night.  She's sneaky!  We walked into the house full of family and all decked out in cute 40 decorations.  Nice ones too...nothing about being over-the-hill :)  Though Candy did make some cute candy/gum jabs at my age...good thing I've got one more day of being under the hill!  Gritz xmas was great...lots of laughs and a funny white elephant exchanges...we ended up with the prized possession--a pillow...grandma got our best gift...Tootie wearing car rudolph nose and ears!  And we rang in the New Year with sparklers, pop its and yummy drinks!  Next year this time, we will be in Times Square wearing our diapers and chillin with 2 million people. Hays is counting down the days! :)






Friday, December 30, 2016

A Star Wars, g-ma pool, wing day...

A fun day...we all seemed to go our separate ways and do our own fun things...and for now these are all the pics I can post as my computer is overheating...
Six of our seven went to the dine-in movie theater...YAY Rogue One...and yay for yummy food!  Pops and Uncle Jeff took Loggy on some manly adventures (fishing, to see great-grandpa's grave and to Wendys for fries and Frostys)...Nina and Candy and kids went shopping and to the pier and out to eat.  Then we all reunited for games, pooltime at G-ma's heated condo pool (yay for 82 degree water on a 70 degree day...brrrr...that is too cold for FL!)  And we enjoyed a feast of wings tonight at Wings Plus!  Good ol' Gritter family them! :)




Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another lovely FL day

No pics today bc it's vacation and I am tired.  But another nice do-whatever day.  Games, pool, puzzles, sidewalk chalk and great times with friends at the Playmobil park and Chick-fil-A (luv ya, Lein!).




Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!