Friday, December 9, 2016

A busy, fun Friday--Secret Santa Shop, Nina's back and our first time chaperoning a dance!

A busy day...cold too...and some of my pics won't this is all I got...

This little helper elf was mama's highlighter pal at the Secret Santa Shop at school all morning.  He was such a good boy...helped me restock items too, but loved highlighting sold items for the students!
First thing this morning...our first dusting of snow...ugh.  Not so happy about this especially on a day where the temps were in the teens...brrrr!
After the Secret Shop we headed to the bank downtown to get GS stuff transferred out of my name...yay!  On the way out we stopped to see if Santa was there...he was not :(
So we sat in his chair...hope Santa didn't mind! We will be back to see him when Hayeee is home!
And skipping forward to this evening...Shelb's BTV Ugly Christmas Sweater Dance...she didn't own an ugly sweater so she made one...with lights that I forgot to send Hailey for her dorm room.  Worked good! Plus she tied bells to her sweater so you could hear her coming...creative!
Nice ugly sweater, Shelb!
Apparently she thinks she is a ballerina now?
A ballerina in the spotlight!
Our first middle school dance together...kinda romantic :)  Plus our first time chaperoning.  Gotta help make money for England!  I was on concession duty with my friend, Ang...and Kev was on duty making sure kids obeyed the rules!
Shelb was sorta bored at the dance...she said the last one was more fun (cowboy).  I think most of her friends were busy and not here tonight...but she had to be here bc it was a fundraiser for England.  At least she had one friend! (and her awesome parents!)  These two hung out all evening and I think we only saw Shelb do one dance...the Hokey Pokey.  I thought Kev taped it, but he didn't.
Can you spot her glaring at me (under the snowflake).  Maybe she didn't like this dance as much bc of two spying parents?!
Nina was on babysitting duty for Ash and Loggy...they were playing a Shopkin game when we got home...
This morning...Tootie moved to the mantle. I think she tried to dance with her Nutcracker like old times, but he ate her hat.  Can't trust Nutcrackers! Poor Toots!
Lo' discovered the partly eaten Tootie!
Nina was home shortly after we got home from the bank...we missed her...and Loggy would not let her out of his sight!
Can you spot our pj boy...gone at a Pancakes and PJ's sleepover tonight at a friend's house.
And one last pic of the dance....can you spot the big mean daddy chaperone and the starry sweater middle schooler?

Now onto our busy weekend....

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