Friday, December 2, 2016

A Christmas tree day and an IU Nutracker night!

pics to come...late night baking going on...ok, updated pics...but I need to catch some zzz' pic explanations will have to wait.  But it was a good day....we got our two trees all decorated (thank you, Nina!) and then it was Ashley's special Nutcracker night with Nina and I.  She picked the restaurant (Red Robin!) and we had a great meal.  Then off to Nutcracker.  A wonderful performance and fun to be in the midst of all the old ballet action. Loved going with my mama and my baby girl. Now my poor hubby is working and I am trying to party plan. Hopefully we can all sleep in and then brace ourselves for cupcake wars half bday!




Nancy Gritter said...

It was the BEST evening EVER!!! Food was fabulous, company awesome, and the ballet was so much fun! Your three Christmas trees look amazing and it was fun to decorate!! GREAT day!! xo Nina

Jennifer said...

What is that sandwich you are eating at Red Robin? It looks like cheese on the outside and it looks delicious!!!