Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A lazy-ish-do-whatever-FL day

 Well, it was a no-plans Wednesday...and we just did whatever we wanted.  The girls had it planned to do a spa day for us by the pool.  We had to make appts yesterday. Somehow even though I had the first appt, Nina and Aunt Candy went first.  I think I got the leftover spa treatment.  But it was still nice.  A spa by the pool can't really be bad, right?  The rest of the day was spent playing games, playing play-doh, and most of us girls went shopping complete with a SB stop (thanks, Shelb for treating Nina, Ash and I!)  This evening we did balloon animals (go, Aunt Candy!)...and had Taco Tuesday (but on Wednesday) complete with Nina's famous taco casserole...and most of the gang is playing a mouth game now.  Sounds fun, but I am beat. I think I am getting very little sleep at night and it's wiping me out midday. 

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