Thursday, December 1, 2016

A mostly lazy-ish/Christmas-y day at home and a busy night with Nina!

So grateful for a sleeping-in morning...Lo crawled into bed with me.  Nina was also sawing logs downstairs and daddy was wonderful enough to get the kids ready and to school.  Nice!

chillin in our pj's...looking at e-cards on Nina's ipad...a fav. pasttime
playing airplanes again...
playing hide-n-seek...sorta...
showing Nina the correct way to land an airplane
our Christmas/Thanksgiving mess...a lot to tackle in one day.
Didn't intend to do the banister today, but we did...tedious
bye bye thankful tree...
more e-cards...I think Nina was taking this opportunity to nap :)
I was fussy about my bows...Nina was getting frustrated with me, I am sure. I can get be a little too fussy sometimes...sorry, Nina.
Interesting way to get your toys down the stairs...
awww, he was so helpful doing the beads on the tree...
I had a strand of beads that was too long and Nina mentioned cutting it...before we knew it he had the scissors and had snipped it already.  He loves to cut things. 
He's a fan of our Nutcracker tree!  He was a big helper too.
So sweet. Glad that Nutcracker tree is done.  It was more time consuming that I thought thanks to half the lights being out and a trip to Walmart to get new ones.
mid-afternoon grumpiness....he was supposed to stay home while I got the kids from school...he ran after me crying...wasn't gonna leave that mess with Nina
awww, hugs...he loves his Nina!
checking out our awesome swampy Christmas ideas...I think for my 40th I want to sleep in a swamp cabin!
Nutcracker tree all done...and new awesome placemats from Nina...all out for the first night of IU Nutcracker!
Pancake dinner...and ready for Nutcrapper!
Ice skating...Nina watched...and froze a little
she's getting good at going backwards...
goofy Lo and Nina
I think Nina mostly liked being in the warm lobby eating popcorn...she's warm hearted like me!
best ice skating buds!
at core group in our old 'hood...she's planning out a live nativity for her Christmas party.  fun!
At a Remax party for our house sales lady.  Dylan found this cool puzzle...called Soma?  He loved it and solved it twice...but it has 998 other ways to do it. He loves stuff like this.
balloon sword fights are best!  This balloon guy is awesome!
All our balloon creations...we were 4 of 8 kids there, so we got lots of stuff!  I love the alien and the Christmas tree!
We got to take free dancing lessons...and it just so happens our friend, Julia, Hailey's old ballet friend was teaching...she teaches here at Arthur Murray. Cool!  Ash jumped at the chance to learn the salsa!
a spin!
And home to watch part of Nutcracker at IU on the live feed.  We love watching the Trepak...most are still Hailey's friends.  They did great!
even daddy watched!  He's getting old so he had to stand close :)
During the boring parts, D played his cello...and Shelby ironed...
working on her take-home gifts for her personalized aprons. Easy and cheap!
Nina helped...while Ash read her holiday program part for her school music program
Shelb was most impressed with Nina's ironing ability. You can tell we Stegs do not iron much
Dec. 1 means the first day of the advent calendar that Loggy made at church.  Fun!
My stairs in the evening. I am happy with them. The other trees need to get decorated tomorrow.  I am over Christmas.  I would love to just snap my fingers and have it done.  But glad Nina is here to help!


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