Saturday, December 10, 2016

A musical day! (Violin, singing and more...)

 Well, it's almost 1am Sunday now and I my pics aren't downloading and my computer just I am taking that as a sign that I need to get to bed.  I was trying to wait for Kev and Dyl to return from Cub Scout rock climbing, but I am too wiped.  Here's a quick rundown of our day...up too early to go get D from his PJ/Pancake sleepover....then wasted time running to mail Santa letters and chillin' at our Fountain Square mall (Lo loves their big Nutcracker!).  Then ran the three youngest to their musical practice at church.  Then to a couple stores and a funeral.  And back to get ready for Shelb's big solo recital.  She played her Vivaldi wonderfully...with such energy and confidence. I was so proud of her.  She worked so hard on this piece and although I know she was nervous by the new room (she got to play in one of the new MAC rooms), I think she did awesome.  She played with such spirit.  So glad three of our fav. ladies could be there (both Ninas and Sue Sue)...and we celebrated by eating at our new Mother Bears!  Yumm!  Best ever!  Then shopping with Nina G. and us girls (and partly Loggy...yes, he was "happy" :))...and D and his friend and Kev went off to the rock-climbing lock-in...minus the lock-in.  It was a good day, but just too busy...and tomorrow will be an even earlier morning and just as busy. I am worn.  Holiday exhaustion can be the worst kind of exhaustion :(

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