Saturday, December 24, 2016

All I want for Christmas... for Kev and I to feel better.

We arrived in Fort Laud shortly before 3am and Kev started feeling worse than he's felt and I seem have welcomed in a stomach bug.  So it has been a very un-fun day for the both of us, but thankfully the kids seemed unscathed by our absence and sickness.  They played monopoly and cards all day and were in and out of the pool.  I am grateful at least they had fun and especially grateful to be in the midst of 80 degree weather.  It is definitely a bah humbug Christmas Eve for some of us though. Praying we are on the mend by tomorrow bc as you might recall I was puking last year this time on Logan's bday. Don't need another bummer bday.  And would really like a healthy happy Christmas!

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