Sunday, December 11, 2016

An Angelic Performance and more...

 A few snaps of the day...a big day...up early..for the church musical--A Special Delivery--three kids in it...they are a cute musical gang and fairly chipper for being up early on a Sunday, especially D who was not feeling well and had gotten home at 2am from rock-climbing....
 Someone else was up early too...Tootie...she really wanted to be in the performance...poor Angel...thankfully she has been a blue angel twice, so she wasn't too sad :(  The real one was bummed though bc the live stream did not work and she could not watch her sibs from NYC. Stinks.
 They first sang in the 8am service...only a couple songs...D did his solo. It was the first time we heard him.  He did great!
 Ready for his first performance...hopefully :)
 Then, not-so-ready...taking a nap on the floor...
 Beautiful girls...had to take one with Nina's red shoes...made me think that Shelby should have gotten those red shoes at Walmart last night!
 Love them both...and they both look so pretty. Nina got this nice, new dress for Shelb last night...she loves it and it's warm, which is very important in our icky cold weather!
 LOL!  Love it.  Lo at his first performance at the him making his baa baa ears...I relied on the big screen to help me with pics.  It worked well :)
 The whole stage (most of it)...and all the Angels!
 Solo again!
 Ash on the big screen. I was glad she wore a blue bow!
 Best buds...Eli and Loggy :)
 The God Squad Academy. I was so glad they let D join...he started a couple weeks ago right after soccer.  And they gave him a solo.  Had he joined earlier he would have been a main character, which would have been great, cuz he's awesome at acting and being on stage.
 The Ninas were both there, but we missed the Poppys!
 Nina bribery...handing out candy after...she had promised Loggy crunchy M&M's...he did not forget!
 Family pic at home...
 Me and my baby after his first performance on the big stage.  He's a cornball!
 Right after church she was off to her big core group Christmas party...she was in charge of the live nativity and costuming and some snacks...they had a ball!
 D and Nina had their night out of dinner at Red Robin with endless rootbeer floats and shopping at the mall and Barnes and Noble. Dyl was happy! Though this one thing did not end up fitting him. Bummer.
 A funny pic from yesterday of his angel costume...very manly in an angelic way :)
 A yucky drizzly cold day out so we watched a new movie Nina Stegs gave Loggy...Dory!  We love that movie!
 I think Nina fell asleep...but so did I :)  Daddy was at a cub scout meeting so we just laid low.
Shelb and her friend won for the best gingerbread house at their party!

That was the onto a busy couple weeks of Christmas prep...ugh.  I wish Christmas had no prep.

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