Sunday, December 18, 2016

An icy Sunday, Santa and the Steg Grand Fam. Christmas!

 A few pics of our busy Sunday...I don't normally make a big bfast on a Sunday with church in the mix, but it was our only time to do it with Hailey home, so we did.  Nothing super fancy, but we did our best in the 30 mins we had! 
 20 mins late to church, but we made it...and we got to see the new part of our church...very nice!
 Loggy got to pick up his bday cookie cake...he was so excited...we just love their cookie cakes and he loves Paw Patrol!  He's excited to celebrate tomorrow at preschool.  Of course, there is a 2 hour delay, but his teacher still said we could celebrate in the 1.5 hours of school they have.
 Ready for London...with a little piece of England right in our lil' city!
 Shopping for his sibs...he was sooo excited about the surprises he got them :)
 These are out order...but...we had to go back to get free cookies from Santa after violin bc they were out earlier...but it was worth it...they were yummy!
 Steg Grand Family Christmas...and the treat table...yum!  Though it was missing Kev's fav (a cake with liquor in it) and my fav. sandwich cookies that Nina Stegs makes...I know she had some baking snafoos this year...and none of us really had time to bake much for some reason...we made Chex Mix
 Some of the kid gang...
 dinner...Olive Garden...genius and so yummy!  Who needs all the cooking...well worth it!
 gift time...and all the family....Shelb giving me the evil eye...
 Awww, love...Loggy watching Great-Grandma open up her gifts :)
 Tonight...Loggy helping stuff bday bags to give out to friends tomorrow...they were pretty sad bags of stuff I had in my bin of stuff, but he was happy and very intently getting them ready!

 The kids wrapped all their gifts tonight for each other. That's a full tree! Tomorrow is our Christmas! Trying to squeeze it all in and it's our only free night this week!
 Waiting for Santa...had to get a group pic with the Nutcracker at Fountain Square!
 ...and waiting...but at least we got here early bc so did Santa and the line was already an hour long...and we had violin to get to!
 Love these boys! 
 Trying to pass the time while waiting to see Santa and the Mrs!
 Another cute boy that's all mine :)
 Love this Santa and Mrs. Claus...they are so sweet...
 Cute group pic
 LOL...Dylan wanted to know if Santa gives out money for Christmas (he does not)...and then why he did not get a Christmas letter (he was the only kid that didn't get one back from Santa, besides our New Yorker)..
 Apparently Mrs. Claus has a love for ballet...she wanted to know all about Hailey in NYC.  Cute!  She said she and Santa are opera/ballet go-ers.
 Cute group pic :)
 One more group many options for photography here at this downtown mall
 The kids at Steg Christmas!  Minus a few who couldn't be here....Check out baby Carter smiling!  Darling!
And the rest of my pics won't download again...but we ended the night be looking for my ring.  It fell off in the cold and ice, but I found it in the Yukon.  Good grief.  Not fun to look for lost jewelry in the dark subzero weather at someone else's house and vehicle.  Very thankful we found it!  A good day...a full day...and thankfully we got to sleep in a little. 

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Ash is back!!!

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