Thursday, December 15, 2016

Brrr, too Ashley day (music program, ice skating and GS caroling!)

 A few quick pics...Lunch with D and crazy pals...picking out preschool bday treat for Monday...of course it will be a cookie's our tradition for school!  Then Ashley's holiday music program at school...she had a duet/quartet and a speaking part. She did great.  The song with the plates is a Nutcracker one.  I taped it for Hailey to enjoy tomorrow.  First time they have done a Nutcracker song at school!  Then off to final ice skating class...Nina and Poppy Stegs were there...and Ash moved up to level 3! YAY!  Then raced off to Girl Scout caroling at a nursing home.  We had to sing outside in single digit weather.  Those girls were troopers! Best part was getting snacks and warm drinks in the community room after! And tonight we got our Christmas cards done...phew...I spent much less time on them than normal. Just didn't fuss with them.  This is the earliest I have gotten a card done.  Usually it is a day or two before Christmas.  The girls helped stamp them.  Funny thing...we got someone else's card in our Sam's package. I had to laugh. Of course that would happen to us!  Our fav. ballerina had a busy day performing for winter showing (for staff at SAB). Tomorrow this time, we will have our New Yorker home...hurrah!

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