Monday, December 26, 2016

Cousins are here..and bday prep!

A lazy-ish, busy-ish day--if that makes sense.  We didn't go much of anywhere (except to Walmart and Publix)...but we did spend the day getting ready for the big 4th bday and waiting to welcome my fav. bro and sis and cousins!  We had to tidy up a bit...and Nina put the kids to work putting out her collectible nativities from Auntie Nee :)
Kev helped me in the kitchen with the airplane cakes...Loggy was moral support :)
the girls helped too...
Awww, the bday boy even helped...cuteness!
More competitive Scrabble...the word on the street is that Hailey won...hmmm...
More pool fun!
Dylan seemed to get beat up a lot today in the pool
Cousins arrived!  One has no fear of water...although the cold did take her by surprise!
trying to talk her into jumping in...didn't work
Fun in the water with cousins!
Little boys beating the big kids!
Shelb won this time, but most other times she did not...he's almost bigger and stronger...
Awesome! Candy made us these.  I love her creations!
Our bday treat creations...gum/candy airplanes!  The kids helped make them.
Brooke is the queen of she talked me into one by the pool...Loggy helped light her way with his finger light :)
Ash and Austin helped too...and let's just say my fingers and toes are looking mighty fine now!
Setting up for the bday!  Our table runway :)
And the bday boy...all sacked out...I decorated around him...which was challenging since 4 of us our sharing my old room. Sleep tight, bday boy! Tomorrow will be a fun beach/pool/party day!

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Nancy Gritter said...


Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!