Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Goodbye Nina, a lazy/sick day at home and snow!

Well, a sad day...Nina left us :(  I know it was time, but we are always in a funk when she leaves.  And I always feel like we didn't get half the things accomplished we wanted to when she was here.  But the good news is we get to see her next weekend most likely in FL.  So a silver lining. She got up early and had to be at her shuttle bus at the same time as the kids had to be at school. Hugs all around, except for Shelb who left earlier.  And we had first dusting of snow right as Nina was leaving.  It was coming down all day...so pretty.  I am not a fan of winter weather, but if it's going to be cold and gloomy, it may as well be white. It's prettier than dead looking brown.  Loggy and I laid low all day bc I have a head cold I am fighting.  It was nice to just do nothing. I needed to do so many things, but somedays you just have to have down time.  This was that day.  But he wanted to play outside so badly...so after school pick-up we had a few minutes of snow fun.  He was in all his glory (hence the many pics of him).  It was perfect snowball/snowman weather, so we mad a mini-snow-Nina.  I think Loggy wanted to eat her eyes bc they were the M&M's she left behind :)  But then Nina's head fell off...that made Lo sad.  Anyway...we had fun in the white stuff...and then a sorta laid back night...Santa pancakes for dinner (easy)...and only Shelb had orchestra practice for her concert tomorrow. 

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww, its always hard to leave!!! MY, does that little snowman look like ME??? mmmmmm, I better do something to my makeup!! Alas I lost my head!!! Thats about how I felt last night after traveling all day!! haha BUT the snow is pretty and looks like lots of fun playing in it too! Logees red jacket looks great!! xo Nina