Thursday, December 22, 2016

Letting holiday stuff go

Well, it's late and we leave in 6 hours for FL, so I should be sleeping...but had to just say that I feel a little down tonight.  I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself, but the amount of stuff I did not tackle this holiday season became very apparent tonight.  I think only 1/4 of my holiday decor is out.  Never did outside lights.  Never had the kids put up their trees. Never did holiday baking.  Never finished decorating the sunroom tree (half-popcorned).  Didn't really take any holiday pics, which I like to do.  Never did our church advent calendar, which I really wanted to do (about helping others each day). Didn't get Christmas gifts for many people that I wanted to (still shopping today and not done).  And I haven't thought a lick about my little boy's bday which is 2 days after Christmas.  I guess none of this really matters overall, but it is the first time I have never forced myself to do it.  I am sorta mad I didn't have my mom help me more when she was here, but I just wasn't feeling up to it then.  Oh and the reality of how far behind was glaringly apparent when I went through my fridge tonight.  I think I had 2 dozen containers of old food (some of it very moldy)...and some of it was from early November.  Good grief.  I need to start having more down time in my New Year so I can get the things I want/need to get done.  I love being a busy mom and being involved...but a part of me needs a year of peace to get my act together at home.  Anyway...this is a post for another time, I guess.  And I suppose I need to not focus on the things I didn't accomplish, but on the things I did.  And I need to realize I can't do it all. 

Here's a picture-walkthrough of the day...up early to prep for the day...I like to do notes for the kids on occasion...and lately we include riddles or jokes...and today I added in some Christmas goodies :)
Shelb with her teacher gifts and holiday snack mix...
poor Hays was up early to the dentist...and then a busy day with two friends...and she knitted her 2nd hat since she's been home...this one for Ash.
PJ day...last day of spirit week!
had to be at school early to help in Ashley's classroom...someone helped me :)
off to Walmart for party supplies...not where I wanted to be today...
Trying to catch up on our advent calendars...didn't work...
Sue Sue stopped over with a surprise...someone was very excited by his early bday gift!
Very excited!  A plane that carries cargo!
The box was just as much fun!
Sue Sue is the best gift giver...Lo was very appreciative...he carried that plane around all day...and it's going to FL!
We made our Christmas tree today for our Christmas cards.  I ran out of tape and had no topper for it, and it's pretty sloppy, but it's up. Lo helped. His idea to use the bow from his present from Sue Sue :)
Good thing we only got 22 cards so far...but I am guessing that we get more by the time we are back...and this tree won't hold any more!
Party in the 2nd grade...I was in charge of it.  We had a great turn out of food.  Ya' never know what will show up. Ash actually didn't want any sweets, but she loved the other food.  Here she is telling me that I need to stop taking pics while she is eating bc Hailey also hates this. Nice argument.
I did get a nice smile later on...
Nice spread!
we decorated cookies...Lo helped :)
Games!  Snowman minute to win 
Lol...check out the boy that Ashley wrapped up. :)
And another snowman marshmallow game.  We made cute snowman light up ornaments can see their noses glowing here. 
Then raced off to D's party for 5th grade...a Cocoa and cookies party.
Can you spot D?
He wouldn't stop eating to smile for me :)  Corndog!
Making a snow angel on the ground.  Crazy kid.
crazy 5th graders...and their 3 teachers on stage.
Great friends!
And our mess at home...trying to pack.  We did it pretty quickly. But boy are we tired!  And Lo will not let go of that plane. Best gift ever!  Thanks, Sue Sue! And below is my mess...not really a terrible mess, but proof that I need to go through my fridge more.  Gotta hold myself accountable to not let this get so bad. Ugh.  Anyway...that's our day. No down time at all.  Wish I had pics of Hays and her friends, but she is snoozing.  This time tomorrow, I hope we are almost to Ft. Laud!  YAY for a palm tree Christmas!

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