Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas-FL Style!

 Merry Christmas from the comforts of 80 degree South Fla!  Just a few snaps of our day, which was a wonderful one!  Not many Indiana folk can say they put their feet in a warm outdoor pool on Christmas day, but we can!  YAY for that!
 A wonderful morning of tearing through gifts in Nina and Pops' living room!
 A great day of relaxing in the comforts of home and with family---it's not often we see Nina and Pops on actual holidays, so when we do it's a real treat!  This has been my home for like 38 years...and I am so grateful my kids can enjoy it now...
....especially the good ol' Gritter pool! LOL...the slow-mo video of this is particularly stunning...some of them tried to whip off their santa hats...others did not :)
 We had a grand night having Gma and Mary over for a yummy dinner...complete with a magic show (that involved more laughing that magic!) :)
 And an 89th bday celebration!
And two people were feeling much better :)  Better enough for me to make fun of him for wearing a black Star Wars shirt on Christmas :)...and we had a nice Christmas concert from our violinist...
lots more fun in our day, but I have got to get some rest...a wonderful Christmas here in FL thanks to Nina and Pops...I could get used to FL-Style-Christmas again (palm trees swaying, the pool calling our name, butterflies and birds flying iguana racing across the street) sure beats gloomy Bloomy!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Such an awesome Christmas Day! Thanks for coming to Florida and making our Christmas so much fun! More good times to follow! :) Nina. 😍😘