Friday, December 16, 2016

Our ballerina's back!

Well, our New Yorker is back in the Hoosier state!  Yay for that!  Now if only the roads weren't a solid sheet of ice.  We just saw a fire truck sliding across traffic.  Not cool.  Praying we make it home in the next couple hours. (finally made it home and it's almost fun at all driving on an ice rink!)'s a few pics...of the day/ can guess what's going on...I'm too tired to explain :)  I will say that as you can see our ballerina is super excited to be home...she loves our crazy welcome train at the airport.  And Shelb was going to make sure to embarrass her big sis as much as she could. She is a ham sometimes.  Welcome back the craziness, Hays! :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

WELCOME HOME HAYS!!!! Cant wait to see you in a week!!! Enjoy you time at home! xo Nina