Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tootie in the Tree!

 Well, apparently Elf on the Shelf is a big thing these days...probably has been for years...who knows. I am not a supporter. But as a joke for the kids (who have them at school--Ash has one in her classroom), I decided to make our own Steg rendition.  She is called "Tootie in the Tree" (Ash named her...with the knowledge that our ballerina has an history of tootiness :)).  I think the name is fitting.  I also think it's wise having a New Yorker be a messenger for Santa...bc aren't the best Santa messengers in NYC?  They are sorta like elves.  So Tootie will watch over things in our neck of the woods.  Who needs Elves when we have cardboard Tootie head! 
Here is Loggy telling (yelling at) Ash that he was not going to name his Hayeee, "Tootie"...that her name must be "Scooby".  He did not win. And Dylan later told me that we cannot have just her head...we must make a mini version of her whole body.  So maybe I will do that next week. He said the head is creepier than the Elf on the Shelf. I am not sure I agree with the creepy aspect, but I do see his point.

So...we shall see what Tootie does these next couple weeks....

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