Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rest for the Weary

 Well, it was a waste of a day...I think so, at least.  My mom was kind enough to say it was a much-needed rest day...but I had so much to do and did none of it.  My morning was spent at the doc trying to figure out my urinary issues. Not fun...and will be less fun with lots of procedures coming up.  My light in the day was chillin' with my Logster.  We had nachos, watched movies, read books and in the midst of that I somehow fell asleep. He even put his pillow under my head so I could sleep comfortably. He's the sweetest :)  But somehow I slept til the alarm went off for school pick-up. Stellar mom day.  Ugh.
 LOL!  The fun bday package from Nina and Pops arrived.  Dylan was excited.  The puzzle perplexed him though!
 This was how I felt a few hours earlier...and sure enough...he gave in to the exhaustion too....he gave in before he even put his hand in the cheez-it mix.  And yes, the other two in the back were not far behind...everyone was napping by the time we got to swimming.
 Finally had time to order D's big cookie cake for his school celebration on Friday.  He went right for the bball cake...Pops would be proud :)
 We had a swim/dive meeting tonight...and got to see Shelb diving.  She is focusing on diving instead of swimming...there are about 60 swimmers.  Probably 10 divers.  Better odds.  She needs to overcome her fear of the board though.  I think she'd make an awesome diver!
 Nice form!
 Very cold standing outside the water...blue lips and all :)
 Somber tonight...he told us he "hated us all".  His words.  We think this does not include his Hayeee, but not sure :)  The cards for Auntie Mary and great-grandma and Nina and Pops sorta helped cheer him up :)
 hee hee...we thought it was funny both Auntie Mary and Nina picked out kitty cards!  She loved them!
And lice laundry...still undone...it was that kinda of unproductive day.

Tomorrow is a new day...or maybe it will be another nap day.  The possibilities are endless.  I just know I cannot keep up with this pace.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Dyl is double 1's!

 Well, the D-man is officially Eleven...or double 1's as he likes to put it!  Here's a few pics of his day...which I must say was pretty great til about 9pm tonight.  Here is his morning bday bfast.  Donuts, of course...and not any donuts...Pennsylvania donuts...straight from the Walmart next to our hotel yesterday. Fancy! lol :)  This was us being lazy and not wanting to shop when we got home last night.  But he was happy.  11 donuts piled high.  What could be better. He gave a double 1 thumbs up!
 Lunch with my boy and his crazy friends...and it also happens to be one of his good friend's bdays...they have been in class together pretty much since Kinder...and they love celebrating their double bdays together...especially the double 1 double bday!  I think Daniel is a few hours older.  Since their teacher didn't want us to bring a class treat til Friday, I improvised and brought cookie cake for his lunch table of friends and put Daniel's name on it too.  They only had SuperBowl cookie cakes and pink flowered ones...so this was what they got.  Let's just say they all had "moldy" looking teeth after that green! But they loved it. D also loved his personal pan from Pizza Hut!  Doesn't take much to make this boy happy :)
 His one request for the day was to play bball after school.  Ok!  Shelb obliged.  They had a nice competitive game...both claiming to be the winners :)  And, yes, it was a balmy 25 outside.  Snow had just melted.  But, bday bball happened anyway!

Second bday request was dinner at Red Robin...you'd think it was because of the food, but it was most definitely the bottomless root beer floats!  He actually only had two because he also got a free sundae for his bday.  Plus he had another pizza (3rd pizza in the last 24 hours!)...and all of it was free thanks to a Christmas gift card. Free is great!  And below is the cake festivities.  So grateful he picked an easy cake for his mama to make (and if you can't tell what it is, I've been told this is Minecraft).  No idea how this game works, but it looks sorta like an amped up Tetras to me?!  Anyway...he was happy with it and I was happy that I could use week-old fondant from Lo's party...otherwise this would have never been completed last night after returning from NYC.  LOL...I love his serious candle face in the bottom pic...and Shelby singing away....she was doing a rendition of the Hailey bday hair burning...yelling at him not to burn his hair.  Funny.  Hailey would have thought so :)    Sadly the night went downhill...Logan broke Dylan's NYC gift I picked out for him at Dylan's Candy store.  Shattered it on the fireplace after I had told him to not touch anything. Then the sword broke in the cake (made out of white choc)...glad I had gotten a pic before dinner.  I had a feeling. And the kicker of the evening is we discovered Shelb had lice...and probably has had it for a week or more.  So, yes, that meant taking sheets off of beds and shampooing everyone's hair and picking through her hair for an hour.  If you have 4 kids and have done this, you will know this is when a mom wants to cry.  (sadly I have had to do this twice before when Hailey was still with us)  I did want to cry.  I was already going on a few hours of sleep so this really stunk.  But I am trying to focus on the positives and not the evening negatives.  I think D had a pretty good bday...and up until the "comedy of errors" he seemed pretty happy with double 1's!
 So grateful every day for our oldest boy.  He is our calm amidst the storm of drama most days.  He has such a peaceful nature, but such a funny quirky side too. He really does love life and is so laid back and he loves to laugh and make people laugh.  I admire so many things about him.  I wrote down 11 things today, but there are so many more.  He is a blessing in countless ways and I know God gave him to us at just the right time. He was our surprise little boy when we thought our family was complete and we would be son-less.  I have loved every minute of watching him grown up over eleven years, and I look forward to seeing what he is going to do with his math mind, his jokester attitude and his loving personality.  Love you, Dylan James, and so thankful you've been part of our family for double one years! 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Home again, home again...no jiggedy, jig

Well, after a long day of driving we are back in the craziness.  And we truly jumped right back into it all making a cake and getting bday planning done for the big 11th bday tomorrow.  Thankfully Kev was the usual awesome hubster and helped me, otherwise I was going to lose my mind over the mathematics of Minecraft. Hard to believe our baby boy is almost double 1's. Sniffle, sniffle!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Leaving our New York girl :(

Well, I feel a huge letdown every time we say goodbye to our fav New Yorker. Today was no exception.  The good news is we were able to spend a few hours with her before we departed.  We took her out to a delicious lunch at one of her fav diners. It was the only meal I ate all day and it was that filling. Yummy diner sandwiches and big ol milkshakes.  Hit the spot. Then we walked around Central Park searching for winter jam.  Kev wanted to see snowboarding and stuff. Poor hays. She was in no mood to walk around and stay out in the cold without proper attire. But she amused us. Though I think she muttered at one point that we were wasting her time. If she only knew that one of our goals in life is to waste her time! :) haha But as much as she probably hated being out of her warm dorm room, we enjoyed our few moments with her. We now won't see her for 2.5 months and  by that time she'll be 17. I get sad thinking about how much I am missing of her life. But at the same time I know she's happy and where God wants her. A mama's heart has to be at peace with that. So we hit the road sorta late tonight after getting the kids some NYC gifts and some D bday stuff. And now we're chilling in a big PA hotel room. So very grateful to Kev's parents for helping make this trip happen and helping with our kiddos.  It was a blessing to be able to see our girl dance on a big stage again!  Oh and in other news Shelby received a gold medal for her ISSMA solo!  So proud of her!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

A day full of awesomeness! (The View with my 90210 crush, watching my girl in adagio class and seeing her gracefulness on the Koch stage)

Well, it's impossible to even put into words the many levels of awesomeness in our NYC day. Where do I even begin. Well, first there was our first time on a talk show--free tickets to the View. It was actually lots of fun and packed with laughs. The highlight for me was when my fav 90210 guy came out on the stage as a surprise guest carrying a bday cake. It almost felt like it was for me. :)  It was a flashback to like 25 years ago, though much less dramatic than a melee at the mall in Fl!  I felt I could die happy now that I've seen Luke Perry/Dylan McKay! Haha :) A high school dream come true!  And then it was off to see our girl in adagio/partnering class. Her partner is injured but she still talked some guys into pairing with her. It was fun to watch. I miss seeing her dance up close. Once a year ain't cutting it!  And the highlight of the day (which says a lot given I saw Luke!) was getting to watch our fav ballerina grace the Koch stage. Amazing.  I was worried we may not see her from our nosebleed seats but they were perfect and she was perfect. It was one of those memories you store at the front of your mind that you will picture forever. It was surrreal. It almost felt like 10 years ago at the MAC when she was in her first Nutcracker on stage...except this time the city we walked out into was a little bigger than Bloomy :)She did amazing and it was so fun to watch her. She came and sat with us after and we all watched NYCB. An amazing day from start to finish...and also mixed in was lots of good food of course! (bagels, pizza, shake shack, cheesecake---all the NYC staples!). But most happy to see our girl. Even if for a couple hours. We ❤ NYC and ❤our ballerina!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

In the same city as our girl!

Well, we made it. We are in the Big Apple and only a few subway stops from our dancing girl. Yay for that!  It was a long day of driving in very rainy and snowy weather (thanks, Kev!), and I slept half of it away. I needed it after only a few hours sleep (yes, I got up and tidied up this morn bc I couldn't handle a horribly messy house (now it's only semi messy). But it's so good to be here and be in our fav hotel (crowne plaza Times Square). We have an awesome view of the craziness of the square and our corner room is an array of windows.  The only bad thing is we are tucked behind the elevator. Hope the hotel isn't busy tonight.  Times Square was pretty vacant. We wandered down and saw the fun characters, took a pic and are heading to bed. Have to be up early so we can be on tv tomorrow :). And most importantly see our girl dance in class and at the Koch. It will be a fun day for sure. Love this city and so grateful Nina and Poppy Stege are holding down the fort at home. It was a busy night of taxiing kids around, so I hope they survived. And hope our Loggy is on the mend. Yay for NYC and seeing our fav New Yorker!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I have no idea how we will get sleep before this 14 hour drive tomorrow. This week has been awful.  Sick kids, sick mama...and the place still looks like racecar party haven still.  I feel bad my in-laws have to deal with this.  Ugh.  Add onto that housing drama for Boston and the stress of deadlines....grrr.  I am worn. For once I could love to leave for NYC feeling relaxed...so we can actually enjoy the trip, even though it's super short...

Sigh...so tired of being tired and busy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Feeling the "leaving for vacation crunch". Ugh

pics on way

Ballet Love!

Just a few pics from Hailey's 2nd performance tonight of Scenes.  Oh, how I wish I could be there for each one...or at least backstage taking pics (bc I know she would love that! :)).  But she was gracious enough and took some pics for me. I absolutely love the first one of her in the wings of the Koch. Seems like just yesterday she was in the wings of the IU MAC. And I asked her to do the last couple pics.  I had seen a few like it online and thought that in her beautiful coral skirt it would look pretty.  She looks beautiful.  She is beautiful.  Love this girl.  Three more days and we will see her! :)


          And a few more fun pics of her and her classmates :)  They seem to have fun don't they? :)


Monday, January 23, 2017

Boston Bound...and our Monday...

Well, it's official...our ballerina is bound for Boston this summer!  This is great news!  I am happy she will be an east coast ballerina.  She did not get into PNB, but honestly that is their loss and Boston's gain! And I am firm believer that God shuts doors on purpose...and thankfully Boston's was wide open, so she is following!  YAY!  Now to find the ideal rooming situation. It is in the works, but we shall see how it all pans out. Praying for that!  But excited we get to see this beautiful city again...and hopefully not get as lost this time! :)  Only bummer is that Shelby flies to England on about the same day we have to be here...so that is a dilemma.  It is always something.        

 A cute pic of Loggy at preschool.  Miss Rene's neighbor gave us a backpack and it's darling...love it! :)  Loggy did too!
And here is our day...not super exciting...and we were all dragging from party day yesterday...but we woke up a little at our fav. place, Chickfila.  I had to go and use my free soup coupon from my calendar.  It was delish!  I wanted the tortilla, but they were out.  The chix noodle was great though...and the boy just wanted his usual...though today he cared more about his yogurt, which he brought in from home.  He had a somber morning. I think all he wanted to do was play with his new toys all day.  He had no interest in school
He came over and snuggled with me and ate his ice cream. 
Super excited about a gift from a friend at preschool....yay for a new racetrack.  But, again, it made him not want to go to new preschool.  He just wanted to play.  Cannot blame him!
Someone started swimming today...it was just dry practice (running up stairs and core exercises), but she liked it. And that new swim cap will be livin' large on her head soon...go Bulldogs!  Nice!  First pool practice tomorrow!
Finally...he got to play with his toy and daddy set up his new track!  And poor Asher...she is looking sad.
Full week of stomach pain...and another call from this nurse late in the afternoon. So I gave in and picked her up.  Tomorrow we visit the doc.  Gotta make sure this pain is nothing.  Weird though to not have any vomiting or anything with this. Just pain. Poor kid.
She perked up and felt better for girl scouts...had to make swaps for the upcoming World Thinking Day. They are doing Belize.
Someone wanted to take his new airplane in the tub so he started his own bath.  Not cool as it was scalding hot.  Thankfully he did not get in. He just sat there looking sweet. Phew.
And I didn't get any pics of D today, so I found one from Boston this summer.  Love this cupcake place (Sweet), but my goal this year is to get a Boston Creme cupcake from them...we tried like 3 times and they were out every time. 
I know Hailey hates this pic bc I made her take it real quick in front of the BB entrance...but it shows you where she will be going for 5 weeks again this summer. YAY for Boston SDP!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Revving Racecar Party Compete! YAY!

 Well, as with most parties, we are wiped...and just happy it is over!  But I will say, we had fun with this one.  It was a lot of prep (probably too much, as they would have been happy with just playing), but a fun theme and we put our all into it. I was proud of myself too bc in the end I gave up on stuff and just let it go.  No stress.  And the fun four-year-old had a great day surrounded by his best buds.  Just a few pics so that I can actually be asleep before 2am!  The cute bday racer with his speedy cake.  I think this is one of my fav cakes.  I just loved it. Thank you to whoever created the idea online.  And special thanks to Sewing Sharon for the awesome shirt she created. It is also one of my favs.  She has the best creations and we just treasure them!  It was perfect for the party!
 Party table...I will post closeups later, but the food was super easy.  Crazy speedster in his car :)
 Honestly the best part of the day for most of the kids was just playing with the race play area Dylan had set up.  And of course this thrilled Dylan. He said after the party that he was pretty happy with himself for setting up the best part of the party! haha :)  No pride there!
 The kids did seem to really liked the racetracks daddy set up.  It was cute.  We probably should have raced some more, but we made it a quick race.  A couple of the girls weren't interested.  But the boys seemed to love it! 
 Our racecar relay...so cute!
 An attempt at a group pic...lol...I could only get them to stand there if they could make a crazy face. This is what I got.  Minus our bestie, Sophie, who just wanted to go home and nap (can't say I blame her...girl after my own heart! :))
 Time for cake! 
 The party table...they really dug into the food!
 The pinata was a hit too. It opened midway through, but the lollipops clogged it so nothing came out til the end.  Ya never know how pinatas will go. 
Gift opening...cute!  He absolutely loved all his gifts. In fact, when asked what the best part of his party was, he said, "my airplane", that he got from his friend.  It was very cute.  He opened his gifts for hours after the party...cutting them open with his scissors by himself.  It was very sweet.  He just loved his special day and all the work makes it worth it.  Such a great group of friends and sweet moms (and dads!)  It was a good day...and another gorgeous day outside.  He played on his new scooter and we played bball into the evening.  And we ended the night talking to our Hays.  Bonus!  Now, we sleep...and then prep for our NYC visit!

Scenes de Ballet debut!

Well, it was a big day for our ballerina.  Her debut of the SAB Scenes De Ballet....which meant it was her first time performing at the Koch Theater.  So exciting.  I wish I could have been there.  But she did send me a few pics (well, not sure I count the last two as she conveniently omitted her face...our typical New Yorker!) :)  But I love seeing her having fun with her roomie (above) and love the beautiful coral color of the costumes.
Check out that arch! :)  And I do love the costumes (just miss the ballerina's face :)).  She said it all went well.  Another show on Tuesday and then we get to see her live on Friday night!  Can't wait.  It's times like this that it hits me that we are just too far away from her.  I miss just seeing her at the IU MAC down the road for everything.  So proud of you, Hays!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Party prep, first cello solo, first bball game and lots more party prep...

Still prepping so no blogging...fun times!
 a few pics....of party prep :)  Lo is a balloon blowing pro!
 the first cello concert....my pics of him playing are sooo pixelated....this was a better pic.  He played his Twinkle theme with awesomeness!
 Some hustle on the bball court...but I think after his rough night last night he was a bit tired.
 We did celebrate his first cello solo and Upwards bball game with Rally's. We have never been, but it's just like Checkers and I used to love that place in FLL!  He had his fav--an oreo shake! His bro just loves him!
 More party prep!  Thumbs up!  Or maybe that was just to appease mama?  He loves making banners!
 Wee hours of the night still prepping...and playing violin in the background :)
 He was darling...sat himself down and just cut away :)  All he wanted to do was help :)  He cried himself to sleep bc we made him go to bed.
 Bless her...she made a front door sign :)

We are wiped...it's 130am and we have to work at church tomorrow too....soooo tired.  Looking soooo forward to tomorrow night and sleep!!