Friday, January 27, 2017

A day full of awesomeness! (The View with my 90210 crush, watching my girl in adagio class and seeing her gracefulness on the Koch stage)

Well, it's impossible to even put into words the many levels of awesomeness in our NYC day. Where do I even begin. Well, first there was our first time on a talk show--free tickets to the View. It was actually lots of fun and packed with laughs. The highlight for me was when my fav 90210 guy came out on the stage as a surprise guest carrying a bday cake. It almost felt like it was for me. :)  It was a flashback to like 25 years ago, though much less dramatic than a melee at the mall in Fl!  I felt I could die happy now that I've seen Luke Perry/Dylan McKay! Haha :) A high school dream come true!  And then it was off to see our girl in adagio/partnering class. Her partner is injured but she still talked some guys into pairing with her. It was fun to watch. I miss seeing her dance up close. Once a year ain't cutting it!  And the highlight of the day (which says a lot given I saw Luke!) was getting to watch our fav ballerina grace the Koch stage. Amazing.  I was worried we may not see her from our nosebleed seats but they were perfect and she was perfect. It was one of those memories you store at the front of your mind that you will picture forever. It was surrreal. It almost felt like 10 years ago at the MAC when she was in her first Nutcracker on stage...except this time the city we walked out into was a little bigger than Bloomy :)She did amazing and it was so fun to watch her. She came and sat with us after and we all watched NYCB. An amazing day from start to finish...and also mixed in was lots of good food of course! (bagels, pizza, shake shack, cheesecake---all the NYC staples!). But most happy to see our girl. Even if for a couple hours. We ❤ NYC and ❤our ballerina!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Ahhhhh YEP, the PERFECT DAY you will never forget!!! So VERY Happy for you both as parents, who have made tremendous sacrifices for your beautiful and talented ballerina!! And the hardest being to let her move alone to NYC at age 15...thats huge for a Mamas heart( and a DAD as well!!)So thilled for you to have this magical day in NYC!! WAY to go Hailey!!LOVE, Mom