Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A lazy, cruddy weather Tuesday

 I woke up feeling icky...and the weather was equally as icky...just gloomy and rainy.  It was  a definite stay-at-home day. We were tired too.  Getting back in the routine is un-fun especially when the sun ain't shining and the rain is falling.  But we had to get up and moving a little.  I had to help with our preschool teacher lunch so we had to get out of pjs and brave the weather and run across town.  On the way home home we stopped at Walmart and I got all my Christmas returns done.  And they had some pretty good bargains there too...I got a gift for Ashley's friend's bday for $1.  90% off.  Good deals if I had the time/energy to shop.  Loggy was not in the mood either. We were going to go to the library, but neither of us wanted to.
 Instead we chilled and watched Scooby and had chips and cheese!
 Bargain of yesterday...the Chickfila calendar.  Do you have one? You should get it.  I don't really need a calendar with cows on it, but it was $5 and comes with over $60 of coupons for free stuff each month of the year.  All stuff we love.  So it was a bargain. I recommend getting one if you don't have one. Free soup this month...and then lots of mystery prizes and chicken nuggets, shakes, chicken sandwiches, etc!  I love free stuff esp. at Chickfila since it will be a hangout for us 2 days a week now that winter is here and it's on the way to new preschool.
 The boy loves puzzles and is very good at them. This is a puzzle for a 6 year old, but he did it very well!  Plus it's pirates which he loves!
 Gloomy Bloomy...more often than not.  Stormed pretty bad tonight.  Only good thing is that it's 50 out now and not 10!
 We had to cancel violin lesson bc she had orchestra rehearsal at North H.S. 
And someone had Cub Scouts. And I finally remembered to take a pic of him. Usually he gets left out bc addy has the boy activities. 

Anyway...a lay low-ish day.  I am feeling better than this morning, but ready for bed.  Nighty Night!

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