Sunday, January 8, 2017

A not-as-lazy-as-we-wanted-it-to-be-Sunday

 Well, we had high hopes for a lazy Sunday, but I knew better.  Things would get in the way.  We did enjoy being back at church after our hiatus for winter break. And then did some returns on the way home.  Then to Kroger for food (where we got excellent deals on candy...not that we needed it, but I think I have two parties to plan for my boys and cheap candy is always a hit!)...anyway...after that pretty much half the day was gone...and we hit the ground running with getting Christmas stuff down. Lo was very helpful actually.  He loves helping get the beads off with daddy...
 He is such a sweet boy.  Kev said yesterday (and I agree)....this is a fun age.  Lo says the darndest things.  He told us he had to take his socks off because it was "too slippery"...and he actually said that word and then repeated it many times bc it was fun to say.  For a kid with speech issues, I was proud. 
 We apparently forgot to open his preschool gifts to us...but he took care of that!  He opened them himself! 
 Fun to get Christmas presents in January!  He made us a cute picture frame with his finger prints as light bulbs and a cute ornament too!
 Why not do your advent calendar in January too!?
 He got the sweetest gift from his preschool friend, Sophia.  She loves Paw Patrol like he does!
 Practicing for jacket club at preschool.  We already know how to zip our coat on our own, but this coat is pretty new and a little harder...but he did it!
 More sledding!  This is actually backwards sledding, but you can't even tell he is moving!
 attempting to backward sled...notice the tongue-out-determination :) straight up, mouth wide!
 attempting to make her own sled hill by packing her own snow under the sorta worked
 just like one of the big kids!
 Using our Christmas tree limbs to make a fort :)
 helping mama take down ornaments...he was very helpful
 LOL...he would go sit on the couch and look the tree over to find any missing ornaments...this worked very well!
 sad tree...never even got all the popcorn garland made for of our many Christmas-fails this year...
 while we took down the cmas stuff, the kids watched Pete's Dragon movie...I thought it was about Puff the Magic Dragon...different story apparently :) They liked it. 
 This tree was a bear after being 6 weeks old...ouchy needles!  Thankfully Kev helped me (aka did most of the work!)
 Facetime with his Hayeee!  Showing his mouthful xylophone skills...we Stegs have hidden talents!
 We might not have put much popcorn garland on the tree...but we did have fun posing with it tonight!

 never a dull moment
And Hays and her roomie early this morn getting her pre-Boston-audition Starbucks. Apparently the cafeteria is not open this early in the morn.  She said the audition went well.  It will be interesting to see where she goes this summer...she did love Boston last year!

We are now watching the movie we rented (Bourne), but it is much to late to do this.  Tomorrow will be a tiring day getting back into things. Wish it had been a more restful day. We have decided Sundays need to be more restful. We are going to fight for this from now on.

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Nancy Gritter said...

LOVED all the pics!!! Have a GREAT week!!! xoxo Nina

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!