Friday, January 13, 2017

A put-your-feet-up kinda day!

Well, it was the laziest of days.  I planned it this way. I needed this Friday after a semi-busy week.  Kev was a gem and took the kids to school and bc of the late night orchestra, D did not have cello this morn. Score.  So we could stay in pj's all day.  And that is what we did!  I would have slept all day, but Lo doesn't go for that anymore.  So, while I was being lazy and watching a kid show, I thought Lo was going to the bathroom and he was up in his big bro's bunk on his ipad.  He did look sorta cute :)
He was very sweet though...he wanted to sit as close to me as he could.  I will miss this boy one day when he goes off to Kinder.  But he assures me he will not grow up!
We finally moved off the couch to a spot on the floor where we could play cars and boats...and eat animal crackers...and two rounds of chips n cheese!
All he wanted to do was to get the pink Barbie castle out to put his cars and boats in...we made quite the docking area with it! lol :)
Instead of folding the laundry, we played in it.  fun, fun, fun!
Of course, after such a busy day he napped.  I couldn't get him to nap all day, but he does it on the car ride to school!
Our one adventure of the day...clearance at TJMaxx...we needed a bday gift pronto, but there was not much left here after Christmas...but the boys did find lots of fun things...they are easily amused. And, no, we did not buy this big stuffed doll. You know me and my loathing attitude towards stuffed things!
Their one chore of the week...and the only one doing it was little Lo. He wanted his dinner!
Finally using our pizza!
Finally ordering a swim team bathing suit...hopefully it fits her head :) :)
Someone got kicked out of his bro-room.  Something about a gold lego fight.  The sisters let him in :)
And he wanted to see his bday invite that daddy did tonight.  We thought he would love it, but he was not happy with the colors we chose. I guess his new fav. color is green.  Who knew.  4 is the new fussy age :)

So, that was our day...I only took pics bc I was a little embarrassed at to how lazy it was :)  But do I really have to feel bad about being lazy and taking a day off.  It has been a rough week following another rough week.  Glad it's a 3 day weekend.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!