Monday, January 16, 2017

A running around MLK Day

So, it was a day off. Good for the kids, maybe not so good for mama.  There was a lot of fighting going on...too much shopping by the mama...and just plain crummy weather.  We had the opportunity to serve for girl and cub scouts in honor of MLK day, but we declined.  I am learning my limits for taking Logan to service projects (i.e. not a good idea).  So I am waiting til he is a tad older.  So instead I put them to work at home...
 They were not overjoyed, but the rooms needed to be cleaned, clothes put away, thank yous written, cards made, homework done, musicians needed to was a full day for them...just call it homeschool :)
 He is practicing for a solo he is doing on Saturday...first solo at IU as a favor to his school strings teacher.
 Foggy...then rainy...and always gloomy
 Trying to find a racecar pinata. Nada.  Not even Walmart had one. This was our backup...finally found a car one at Kmart, but it was not a pull one and we are not swinging a bat in our house.  Finally just got one on Amazon.  Easier.  I don't usually do a pinata bc they are expensive, but Loggy really wanted one and he might be my last one to ask for one.  Plus we have lots of candy to get rid of.  So it was a win for us.
 Party shopping at our new party store. We found me a cool hat.  Actually I was thinking this could be for my sister-in-law...would look nice on her in August! :)
 LOL!  This gave me a chuckle at Kmart.  Might be a good gift for Pops for his bday coming up!  Could get Nina one too :)
 It was haircut day. They had been begging since FL and it was time!  We had to do it on the front porch bc it was raining :)  I'm sure all our neighbors loved seeing us cut hair!
 That's a lot of hair gone, but she looks great!  But maybe that will make her faster in the water!
 A little shocked by her hair loss...but she actually wanted more off...
 I think she looks adorable...but I hope that hair goes up in a bun!
 Love her corner desk and she loves it too!
 He actually had another day with a friend...lucky kid!
 Daddy finally found something that worked for a racetrack...the pinterest noodle idea was a fail!  I should have known.  It was more for marbles than no one sells noodles in Indiana in January!  Loggy seemed to like the racetrack!

 I just wish all the party stuff was done.  Just not in the mood and feeling very tired.  We picked the wrong theme...nothing to be found for the car theme. I finally found a couple things at Kmart and dollar tree, but nothing stellar.  Just not my month.  Feeling like that a lot lately.  Sigh.

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