Saturday, January 7, 2017

A very cold semi-snowy Saturday

Well, a lazy-ish Saturday.  Not many are like this, so it was a welcome way to start the New Year.  We slept in pretty late, did some chores and the kids just amused themselves.  They wanted desperately to go play outside again like yesterday, but honestly the backyard was almost muddy since there was really only a couple inches yesterday to play in and they had played for over an hour.  But we let them anyway.  D had made an ice hill to slide down which worked well.  Only prob. is that Loggy wanted to sled a lot and he is not the most patient (see proof above)
Then we ventured over to the school behind us bc their sled hill is better (though it was pretty worn down from use yesterday)...but the walk over was nice...D and S actually got along and he pulled her almost the whole way on the sled, while also carrying his own sled.  Good brother.
Much more fun to write our ages in sand...but snow worked too.  440 between! :)
Funniest part of sledding today, was all Loggy's falls!  He had good humor about it...and would say "I ok!" after each one!
Walking over to the school...there were 6 hot air balloons above us too...they must have been really was single digits down here, but up there must have been extr frigid!
Go Shelb!
Go, daddy-Loggy!  Pretty sad when you have to sled on this amount of snow...but surprisingly it worked ok!
Mommy even got a couple shots at sledding!
LOL...another try at 440!
A cool icicle that did not last long in Loggy's hand!  It was a sword...that didn't work so well :)
Not everybody gets to teeter totter in the snow!
He was so the end of our sledding, he wanted to do it all by himself...he would get a running start and count down and jump on the sled...I especially love the tongue out!  Shows true determination!
Me and my hubs...I was frozen at this point and he was helping me warm up :) hands were frozen...taking pics and videos is not wise in subzero weather.  It means no gloves on (my tech gloves were not working).  But a warm fire and sour patch kids helped thaw me out :)
Hot choc...the best part of post-sledding!  This pics is for Hays...of the gift she got Shelb for Christmas.
Our bfast...actually their 2nd bfast...snowmen in honor of the snowy day.
Shelb's our number one organizer.  Woke up to her doing this in the loft.
Go, Ash! About to run me over!
Cute boys!
Warming up by the fire with his hot choc!  Best place to be!
Pretty cool ice creations they found out back.
She was convinced this one was Indiana :)
And of course, the coldest day of the year was the first day of Girl Scout cookie sales.  Why in the world Indiana picks January to do this is beyond me.  Moronic!  But if we don't go in our 'hood on the first day we are doomed. So out we went.  Daddy joined us, which was nice.  After about 45 mins we were frozen, but we have nice neighbors and Ash sold a few.  I think we are done doing this. We will resort to cookie booth sales over freezing our keesters off!  This is the pre-sale-non-frozen pic
This is the post-sale-frozen pic.  Poor girl was sooo cold!  I think she deserves a patch or special award for doing this today!
And here is our oldest's view today...more snow than we got! So pretty!
Pretty ballerina in the snow...she had to venture out to get us NYCB tix for the ballet that she's in in a few weeks. I was grateful she did...saved us a $15 service fee.  Can't wait to see her dance at the Koch!  And below is a cool pano she took.  Tomorrow is her Boston audition. Merde, Hays!  A busy enough day and not enough accomplished, but glad my family was home and we can rest tonight.  And on a side note, I just had a conversation with Loggy about toots.  He says it does not count as tooting on our bed if his butt was in the air.  I see his point, but still had to argue he could have chosen a better place to let that loose.  Never thought I'd have these arguments with my 4 year old.  Nice.

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Nancy Gritter said...

Loved all the pics! Fun times sledding! Brrrrr! Laughed at the pic of you curled up on the hearth on your new blanky, eating pure sugar! That will warm ya up! Way to go Asher with your cookie sakes in the bitterly cold weather! Hailey's pics are awesome too! Good luck tomorrow Hays! I know you will do well! Xo Nina