Thursday, January 12, 2017

A wonderful concert!

 Here's updated pics...out of order as usual :)  First off, my two fav. musicians!  It was a strings spectacular of beginners-advanced (5th-12th grade).  They were ready to play their hearts out :)  Well, I think Shelb was mad here bc Ash was allowed to wear her skirt.  We get out of sorts lately about sharing things...
 D's first concert...he cracked me up. At lunchtime he told me he was, "in the first row because he was the best!" :) least we have no confidence problems!  Nice to be the best of the beginners! haha :)  I think he was in the front row bc he was in proper orchestra attire...coincidentally most of the first row was wearing white shirts and black pants.
 He really did do a good job.  I always have said I think he has natural musicality. 
 Daddy must have taken this pic as he walked around with Loggy...this is the back of the group...if you look really hard you can see me near the front on bottom bleachers video taping!  But hard to see much of anything with 533 kids and probably over a 1,000 spectators!  This will be our high school (North) if we continue to live where we are. 
 Loggy was in rare form...I think he was tired, but that sometimes backfires to being overly energetic.  The people in front of us had a bag of gummy bears and they offered him some...he stuck his hand in that bag and grabbed out the rest. He has no fear, especially when candy is involved!
 Post concert treats...cookies and punch.  Yumm! So proud of these two!
 We didn't really get a pic of her, so she took one of herself for us :) haha :)  She sat with one of her best buds the whole time...little Miss Social :)
 Thanks, Ash...she took a family pic of us :)  First duo concert...kinda nice to finally have two kids in one event together. This really never happens!  Though they did both miss other activities tonight bc of this concert.
 And back to our morning...D had to get up super early to head to cello practice.  He has been dragging this week anyway.  Not the best week for an orchestra concert with extra practices.
 This is the gloom we are looking at mind can't take much more of it.
 Too cheer me from the gloom, Loggy and I went and ate with this guy and his crazy buds.  He was auctioning off fruit snacks when I got there....and the fruit snacks weren't even his.
 crazy kid
 maybe even crazier friends?
 Kroger run.  They were out of cookies, but they did give him an extra large candy cane :)
 LOL!  Prepping for the swim/dive team. We found Hailey's old swim cap.  Shelb wasn't so sure of it!  Later we figured out it was better to tuck in her ears. lol! :)  But she is gearing up for the school swimming/diving team which starts in a week and a half. I think she is going to love it.  Hailey had wanted to do this at this age, but ballet had to trump school sports.
 4 going on 16...ok, not really...I am trying to get an invite made for the belated racecar party next weekend.  I am so behind.  But the kids is cute and he reminds me that it's just a kid party and who really cares.  We do love our special shirt from SS Sharon!!
Just me and my boy chilling most of the day...not chilling enough, but still could be worse...I could be at work somewhere and not with him.  He is my silver lining on this gloomy day :)
 And back to evening pics...had to get a single pic of the cellist off to his first concert!
 His group was the first to come in the gym and set up...can you spot him and his cello?  On a side note, when did they start selling pink cellos?  There was also a white violin (albino?) and a black violin?  Hmmm...what is the musical world coming to?
 There he is...front row...the best of the worst (aka beginners :))
 Him and his teacher...
 Doing the YMCA hand motions as the continuing strings!
 I felt badly that we had a terrible view of Shelb...but there was really no good view of her unless you were behind her...can you even spot her?  In the middle of this pic...near the back...only a profile. I got better pics on my good camera, but never have time to download those.
 Someone was getting hot...and wanted to take off his shirt...(and, yes, daddy might have been thinking the same thing :))
 Then he got tired and tried to lay down...
 a pano of the masses...
 Our attempt at an ice cream celebration, since there is no ice cream place on this side of town...we ran to Kroger...only prob is they had not restocked their ice cream and were mostly out and they were redoing the frozen section and taking all the shelving out of the freezers.  Not ideal, but they found a couple special ice creams they wanted just for themselves.  So very proud of these two for all their hard work on their concert pieces!

Pics will come tomorrow, but so proud of our fav cellist and violinist. They did amazingly well at their concert tonight.  It was great to see two Steg faces in the 533 students playing in the high school gym.  Yay for Dylan and Shelb!   More tomorrow. One bad thing about that many kids playing is that it's a late performance.  We are all exhausted!

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Way to GO Dylan and Shelby! BRAVO! Xo Nina