Saturday, January 14, 2017

An out-of-house-too-much Saturday...

 I thought this weekend would be bball yet, no concerts...but somehow it was still busy. Actually we did get to sleep in...sorta.  Ash and I made bfast last night so the kids could get up and eat on their own (coffee cake!) and we honestly didn't roll out of bed til 10ish, but that was after we got a text and a phonecall from a certain Nina who apparently doesn't think we sleep in ever :)  It was ok...but still...would have been good to get some deeper sleep!  This is what we woke up to...poor Loggy wanting to do Ashley's new Lego set.  And she was not appreciative.  He felt so bad he wanted to hug her.  I really think he was trying to help her :)  Sweet boy.
 It was passport morning. Not really what we had planned for the morn, but since we were awake we make the trek to the P.O.  Apparently Saturdays is the day to do this...the line was long...but we were in good moods (see pic above :))...and we she is practicing her passport photo smile :) :)
 Her 1st mug shot...actually 2nd time we've done this...our Mexico passport just expired last year...go figure.
 She hated her photo...something about her hair, which she is covering up here :)  I think the pic is great...and definitely good enough to be British for a week!
 We had 10mins to spare so we hit Hobby Lobby hoping to get a racecar ones to be found! :(  But they did have a fun talking Mickey card!
I found the perfect 40th gift for me in the HL clearance area.  Maybe SS Sharon would make me a shirt?! :)
 And off to a Girl Scout cookie Rally.  She resisted going bc it was lame last year...but we talked her into it.  Gotta get psyched about cookies. More like psycho!  Ugh, cookie time.  Thank goodness we are done selling.  I could care less about it this year. I do sorta miss this high school though...home to Hays for one year. Ok, I really don't miss it...I just miss the Hays who used to be here :)
 She had to leave the rally early, but she still got her fav. cookie sample...go, Samoa!
 Her fav. party place...Urban was party central today...and she had fun celebrating with her friend, Zoey!
 D finished his big minecraft legos!  Lo was very interested (which means this must be hidden in the bedroom or it will surely find destruction :))
 Finally got our invites printed...Sams also called this morning on our sleep-in morning to tell us their computers were down. Had to print the last minute invites at CVS.  But we managed and we got them done!  Loggy was an expert stamper!

 He was also awesome at writing his name on the back of everyone's envelope :)
 The race car enthusiast....cutest racer ever!
 Not sure what this face is...but it's funny :)
 working on the solo for solo competition coming up
 cleaning rampage tonight...I could not stand the dirty toilet anymore...poor D got the worst job...he was a good sport about it
 Poor girl got the biggest bathroom...but she's the best it worked for us :)
 Scooby helped with laundry :)
I think he was watching more tv than doing cub scout stuff...but good thing he had me...I was an expert bagger :) And the beauty below finished up her final audition for PNB (Seattle)...she said it was a tough one, but knowing her, she did well.  We shall see if Seattle or Boston is in her summer plans.  Hopefully tomorrow is a slower day for all....but I am guessing it won't be.

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