Monday, January 9, 2017

Back to the grind

Getting back in the routine after 15 days off is never a ton of fun. And tonight we are all just plain tired. I will try to post pics tomorrow but I really didn't take many today.  Why can't vacations last forever?  They should. :)

 updating with some pics...nothing too exciting...
 Back to the old routine...a van-full of kids in the drop-off line at school...all smiles and ready to get back to work!  Never took a pic of Shelb today...but she was around...and started her new semester of new classes...
 I tried to take a pic of Lo going into old preschool at church bc it was the first day we could use the new entrance, but he would not let go of me...and he was even shy saying hello to his teachers.  But after school he was all smiles! :)
 We met daddy for lunch bc he had printed something for us (our printer was out of ink)...and we had to work on it before new preschool!  So, of course, we chilled at Chick-fila!  He was busy with his work (writing his name) that he would not look up for the pic :)
 He finally gave mama a smile.  You can't even really tell we're at Chick-fila...Loggy was not interested in even eating any fries and never asked for ice cream though daddy and I feasted on it. He was so excited about the gifts he was going to give his friends at new preschool...
 and also very excited about the fruit roll-up his bro gave him the day before that he lost, but mama found it and he ate it!  It trumped any ice cream!
 All done with his gifts for his friends! 
 I have to say this was my CVS bargain. They had Christmas 90% off and Loggy loves Skittles...these are Skittles Christmas tree dispensers including candy...and each was 15 cents.  I got his whole class them for under $1!  Bargain!  It was our way of celebrating his bday with his new school. They don't really do bday celebrations there, but they do let you put stuff in backpacks to take him.  He had already celebrated at old preschool with treats and cookie cake before Christmas, but I thought this would be fun too. He loved it!
 Off to new school!  Not happy mama was not right by his side.
 And our only activity of the night was Brownies...Ash hates wearing her sash, but she amuses me til I drop her off :)  Then I know she never wears it :)

 This was how our evening went...and how many of our M/W nights go for Loggy after double preschool days and no car naps.  He was being a supportive lil' bro watching his big bro practice cello for his first concert...but that went downhill fast...
 Happy boy when I got home!  He was all smiles.  But apparently he was mad when he left school...of all days they had a new boy in class today and I didn't know this so didn't send enough treats...but I warned daddy and got him an extra so his new friend could have one.  It turned out ok, but was a little traumatic at first.  And I thought it was nice of his teacher to put his name in the newsletter.  I also noticed they had his two fav. treats for snack...animal crackers and pretzels!  Bonus!  Still can't believe he is FOUR!

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!