Monday, January 23, 2017

Boston Bound...and our Monday...

Well, it's official...our ballerina is bound for Boston this summer!  This is great news!  I am happy she will be an east coast ballerina.  She did not get into PNB, but honestly that is their loss and Boston's gain! And I am firm believer that God shuts doors on purpose...and thankfully Boston's was wide open, so she is following!  YAY!  Now to find the ideal rooming situation. It is in the works, but we shall see how it all pans out. Praying for that!  But excited we get to see this beautiful city again...and hopefully not get as lost this time! :)  Only bummer is that Shelby flies to England on about the same day we have to be that is a dilemma.  It is always something.        

 A cute pic of Loggy at preschool.  Miss Rene's neighbor gave us a backpack and it's it! :)  Loggy did too!
And here is our day...not super exciting...and we were all dragging from party day yesterday...but we woke up a little at our fav. place, Chickfila.  I had to go and use my free soup coupon from my calendar.  It was delish!  I wanted the tortilla, but they were out.  The chix noodle was great though...and the boy just wanted his usual...though today he cared more about his yogurt, which he brought in from home.  He had a somber morning. I think all he wanted to do was play with his new toys all day.  He had no interest in school
He came over and snuggled with me and ate his ice cream. 
Super excited about a gift from a friend at preschool....yay for a new racetrack.  But, again, it made him not want to go to new preschool.  He just wanted to play.  Cannot blame him!
Someone started swimming was just dry practice (running up stairs and core exercises), but she liked it. And that new swim cap will be livin' large on her head soon...go Bulldogs!  Nice!  First pool practice tomorrow!
Finally...he got to play with his toy and daddy set up his new track!  And poor Asher...she is looking sad.
Full week of stomach pain...and another call from this nurse late in the afternoon. So I gave in and picked her up.  Tomorrow we visit the doc.  Gotta make sure this pain is nothing.  Weird though to not have any vomiting or anything with this. Just pain. Poor kid.
She perked up and felt better for girl scouts...had to make swaps for the upcoming World Thinking Day. They are doing Belize.
Someone wanted to take his new airplane in the tub so he started his own bath.  Not cool as it was scalding hot.  Thankfully he did not get in. He just sat there looking sweet. Phew.
And I didn't get any pics of D today, so I found one from Boston this summer.  Love this cupcake place (Sweet), but my goal this year is to get a Boston Creme cupcake from them...we tried like 3 times and they were out every time. 
I know Hailey hates this pic bc I made her take it real quick in front of the BB entrance...but it shows you where she will be going for 5 weeks again this summer. YAY for Boston SDP!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Yay for Boston Ballet Hailey! So awesome to get a full scholarship and go back to such an awesome place! I recall our conversation at Christmas and how you said you learned SO MUCH there last summer and now the learning will continue! I am thrilled for you ! I know the housing will fall right into place because this is where you are meant to go! 😍😘 Yay Shelby, swimming starts! Enjoy , can't wait to hear how you like it! Asher!!! Feel better sweety..😣 I had tummy aches alit when I was your age...I hope it's just a virus. Logee, sounds like you got lots of awesome gifts fir your bday! What fun! The track looks like lots of fun! Good old ice cream and fries today...your fav! Dylan, loved your picture with your little brother's my fav and on the front of my computer! That little guy adores you! Xo Nina