Monday, January 30, 2017

Dyl is double 1's!

 Well, the D-man is officially Eleven...or double 1's as he likes to put it!  Here's a few pics of his day...which I must say was pretty great til about 9pm tonight.  Here is his morning bday bfast.  Donuts, of course...and not any donuts...Pennsylvania donuts...straight from the Walmart next to our hotel yesterday. Fancy! lol :)  This was us being lazy and not wanting to shop when we got home last night.  But he was happy.  11 donuts piled high.  What could be better. He gave a double 1 thumbs up!
 Lunch with my boy and his crazy friends...and it also happens to be one of his good friend's bdays...they have been in class together pretty much since Kinder...and they love celebrating their double bdays together...especially the double 1 double bday!  I think Daniel is a few hours older.  Since their teacher didn't want us to bring a class treat til Friday, I improvised and brought cookie cake for his lunch table of friends and put Daniel's name on it too.  They only had SuperBowl cookie cakes and pink flowered this was what they got.  Let's just say they all had "moldy" looking teeth after that green! But they loved it. D also loved his personal pan from Pizza Hut!  Doesn't take much to make this boy happy :)
 His one request for the day was to play bball after school.  Ok!  Shelb obliged.  They had a nice competitive game...both claiming to be the winners :)  And, yes, it was a balmy 25 outside.  Snow had just melted.  But, bday bball happened anyway!

Second bday request was dinner at Red'd think it was because of the food, but it was most definitely the bottomless root beer floats!  He actually only had two because he also got a free sundae for his bday.  Plus he had another pizza (3rd pizza in the last 24 hours!)...and all of it was free thanks to a Christmas gift card. Free is great!  And below is the cake festivities.  So grateful he picked an easy cake for his mama to make (and if you can't tell what it is, I've been told this is Minecraft).  No idea how this game works, but it looks sorta like an amped up Tetras to me?!  Anyway...he was happy with it and I was happy that I could use week-old fondant from Lo's party...otherwise this would have never been completed last night after returning from NYC.  LOL...I love his serious candle face in the bottom pic...and Shelby singing away....she was doing a rendition of the Hailey bday hair burning...yelling at him not to burn his hair.  Funny.  Hailey would have thought so :)    Sadly the night went downhill...Logan broke Dylan's NYC gift I picked out for him at Dylan's Candy store.  Shattered it on the fireplace after I had told him to not touch anything. Then the sword broke in the cake (made out of white choc)...glad I had gotten a pic before dinner.  I had a feeling. And the kicker of the evening is we discovered Shelb had lice...and probably has had it for a week or more.  So, yes, that meant taking sheets off of beds and shampooing everyone's hair and picking through her hair for an hour.  If you have 4 kids and have done this, you will know this is when a mom wants to cry.  (sadly I have had to do this twice before when Hailey was still with us)  I did want to cry.  I was already going on a few hours of sleep so this really stunk.  But I am trying to focus on the positives and not the evening negatives.  I think D had a pretty good bday...and up until the "comedy of errors" he seemed pretty happy with double 1's!
 So grateful every day for our oldest boy.  He is our calm amidst the storm of drama most days.  He has such a peaceful nature, but such a funny quirky side too. He really does love life and is so laid back and he loves to laugh and make people laugh.  I admire so many things about him.  I wrote down 11 things today, but there are so many more.  He is a blessing in countless ways and I know God gave him to us at just the right time. He was our surprise little boy when we thought our family was complete and we would be son-less.  I have loved every minute of watching him grown up over eleven years, and I look forward to seeing what he is going to do with his math mind, his jokester attitude and his loving personality.  Love you, Dylan James, and so thankful you've been part of our family for double one years! 

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