Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Final full day in Ft. Laud... :(

Well, sorta sad to say that our time in FL is coming to a close. It was our last full day in FLL and we made the best of it.  Sleeping in...and Shelb made me my 40th bday bfast in bed. She wanted to do this the day before on my bday, but it would have had to be at like 5am and we were going out to bfast anyway before our airport run...so the day after made more sense.  She was so sweet too. I know she wanted to make me more than this, but I am honestly so full from New Year's Eve still that all I wanted was eggs and fruit.  She abliged. Love this thoughtful girl!  Thanks, Shelb!  Then it was down to the grind with packing. Never fun, but necessary.  We took a break for lunch and Pops took us down to Hillsboro Inlet to see the fishing boats come in.  We thought we wouldn't see anything, but as we were leaving one boat came in with a load.  It was fun to see them throw the fish out of the boat and pin them to the fish display.  Loggy and I had seen this back in April on our visit, but the other kids hadn't. Plus it's always fun to watch pelicans eat leftover fish.  Then we walked over to the docks to see the lighthouse. Kev loved this...next time we'll need to tour the lighthouse.  He loves his lighthouses!  Then off to lunch at our fav. place...Chickfila!  Then back for more packing...and a break in between to go to Grandma and Mary's condo pool one last time. Supposed to be heated, but bc it rained, it was cold. I would barely go in...but the rest of the gang loved it.  Back home to see shopping Sharon who surprised me with a special shirt for Loggy and a contribution to the Shelby England fund (bless that SS Sharon!) and all Loggy wanted to do was run circles around her with his airplane!  Next a little dancing in the rain.  Then time to feast on leftover dinner...and my belated 40th dessert...supposed to be choc. covered strawberries yesterday, but Kev ran out of time to do them, so we improvised and had a semi-fondue dessert complete with bubbly and fruity drinks. Yumm! Then over to Mary and G-ma's to say our goodbyes. Then final packing and Pops and Dyl watched the IU bball game. Another great day. Can't believe we've been here almost 2 weeks but like all good things this too has to come to an end.  Gonna miss this sunny 85 degree winter weather bc Thursday we return to 10 degree snowy gloomy Bloomy. Oh joy!
Thanks, Nina and Pops, for a wonderful winter break!!!







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