Sunday, January 15, 2017

Got nothing crossed off my to-do list today!

 Well, I am dragging.  The above picture is why. The last couple days we have had an extra in our bed.  We think he is going through some mama-anxiety...he just has to have his mama by his side all the time.  So mid-morning, he joins us.  And I lie awake.  Glad someone is sleeping well!  He wouldn't even wake up for church....
 Well, the boys were a little bored this afternoon.  Ash went to a friend's after church, Shelb went to a violin lesson and then went with daddy to his cub scout meeting at church so she could further practice violin.  They were pretty much gone all day.  Loggy loves puzzles and he was proud to finish this old one of daddy's...go soccer Snoopy!
 D was quick to point out that he did most of the puzzle :)  I can't believe this boy will be double 1's in 2 weeks.  Where has the time gone?  I just realized after looking back at my blog that for his 4th bday he also had a racecar bday.  I had totally forgotten!  Time sure flies...7 years later and he looks so grown up!
Awwww, isn't he so cute...and I made super cute invites back then. If only I had that time these days...sigh...
 Well, D got called over to a friend's house for the afternoon and poor Lo cried and cried.  He had no one to play we chatted about it and he told me the three things he wanted to do......make a racetrack go down the stairs...done!
 and watch a movie and eat animal crackers...check, check! (fyi...he had already had a plateful of chips and cheese earlier :)) It was a mama and Loggy's afternoon together...just like most days :)
 My mom will be be proud...I made the pot roast recipe she sent me.  It actually turned out pretty good!  Here's the proof!  The rascal in the back liked it (and I know the one in NYC would have too...she loves "brown chicken" :))
 These two....they were not as excited, but they actually did not complain as much as I thought they would. 
 yum, yum, yum...Kev seemed to like it too...better than hotdogs and pizza (for some of us)
 Someone decided to make us cookies...well, I think she was making them for daddy to take to work...she's our baker girl :)
 facetiming our New Yorker...we miss that girl.  Glad she has a day off tomorrow to sleep in.  She actually got up and went to church today and then spent most of the day doing Physics (not sure I would have done that after having two very busy days and a very busy week coming with her 1st performance a week from today).  No rest for the weary.
 And tonight we are having family movie night.  D was going to spend the night at a friend's, but we said no. We wanted him home to be with us.  This is our new trend.  We want more down time...more time together.  Time with friends is good...but sometimes family trumps that.  And we are watching the old time Parent Trap. The kids seem to like it, except Lo who is a little bored and now doing puzzles :)
 And I forgot to post these on Friday.  Hays at her "cultural" experience.  Mandatory at SAB.  At the Opera...seeing Barber of Seville, I think.  I guess it was good, just bad timing with the PNB audition the next day (and if you know operas, they are long...and she was out late).  But I think she looks gorgeous.  Below is her first roommate at SAB from her summer session back in 2012.  Wow...time flies.
And there ya' have it....not much to show for the day (though Kev did finally get our Christmas stuff put away...thanks, babe) I really took no pics today and got nothing done off my to-do-list, which is bad bc I will lose a day tomorrow with all the kids home for the holiday.  No clue how I will pull off a party that I have not planned anything for.  So far it is not coming together. No car pinata can be found, no pool noodles in stores for racetracks. I am floundering.  Good thing they are only 4 years old and would be happy just playing.

Anyway...just feeling blah.  Hoping the weather turns sunny and warm sometime, but not holding my breath....

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