Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017--fondue, fun, saying goodbye to family, a tasty dinner

a few out-of-order pics...of our lovely day...watching the Dolphin's game and tasty treats with family (Kev made cheese fondue for honor of my last day of being in my 30's...cheese can melt any over the hill fears away!)...and then some fun making gingerbread houses...Pops was the judge...Shelby won!)...saying sad goodbyes to Uncle Jeff and gang...and the tastiest dinner ever made by Chef Vinny!  Plus a lil' early bday celebration for Dylan...with a very fancy cookie cake from Walmart and some fun gifts from Nina and was said they gave him a $2500 gift card...hmmm...Brooke celebrated her bday too, but I missed the cake part since Hays and I were registering herself for Boston ballet auditions...and some mysterious decorating and prep for some old lady who must be turning 40 soon.  The Hillary toilet paper is random, but blog worthy :) hee hee  Tomorrow our New Yorker returns to her big city...and I reach the summit of some hill I have been climbing for 4 decades...sigh.


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