Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I'm officially old! (Happy 40th to me!) :)

 Well, I walked "over the hill" to the dark side of 40 today (though by the looks of this it did not post last night so this is a day late)  And it was pretty anticlimactic. :)  One thing I was super grateful for is that I was able to have my whole family together for at least a couple hours this morning (before Hailey hit the skies and was back in the Big Apple).  One down side to that is that we all had to get up at the butt crack of dawn, which on my bday is about the last thing I wanted to do. But we did it, and I was not sorry.  Look at this view we had for bfast!  Love this place...just a hole in the wall on Lauderdale by the Sea, but hit the spot with eggs and hashbrowns and toast (and pancakes for the kids).  It was wonderful!  We rushed through our meal to get our girl to the airport...but we made it!
 And after dropping her off we went back to the beach...just because.  It was a gorgeous day out.  Very windy, but perfect temps.
 A little creative photography...we'll say the bird back there is Hailey...as she was probably flying over about that point anyway :)  Plus she was the first to "leave the nest" of our Steg fam :)
And then later on we went to the beach for the 3rd time...Ash made me into a mermaid then changed her mind...not sure what I became...a mound of bday sand with two lovely shells thanks to Nina :)

Well, sadly, something went awry last night when I posted this from my phone and it never posted......sigh...I had written a lot more, but now it's lost....hope this isn't a sign of how 40 will go....

I will try to recap really quick...it was a great day.  Possibly tried to squeeze in too much, but how can you not when you spend your January bday in 85 degree weather. You have to enjoy the outdoors! It's not every January baby that gets to go to the beach 3 times in one day.  Loved eating bfast with my whole gang overlooking the ocean, loved going back to walk the beach after our airport run and watching the kids search for man-o-war, and loved going back for lunch with my mom and dad and enjoying the afternoon there.  A perfect weather day and spent with 8 of my most favorite people.  It was made complete with a delicious dinner on the intercoastal (thanks, Nina and Pops!) with free dessert (fried oreos!) and a beautiful cake made by my Shelb!   And some special gifts from my gang...with maybe a few old folgie ones added in (thanks, kids!)  I'll have to post more pics when I get home.  It was a full day, but one that made my heart even more full.  Thanks to everyone for the love and messages and wishes.  I felt like a very loved old lady! :)

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