Thursday, January 26, 2017

In the same city as our girl!

Well, we made it. We are in the Big Apple and only a few subway stops from our dancing girl. Yay for that!  It was a long day of driving in very rainy and snowy weather (thanks, Kev!), and I slept half of it away. I needed it after only a few hours sleep (yes, I got up and tidied up this morn bc I couldn't handle a horribly messy house (now it's only semi messy). But it's so good to be here and be in our fav hotel (crowne plaza Times Square). We have an awesome view of the craziness of the square and our corner room is an array of windows.  The only bad thing is we are tucked behind the elevator. Hope the hotel isn't busy tonight.  Times Square was pretty vacant. We wandered down and saw the fun characters, took a pic and are heading to bed. Have to be up early so we can be on tv tomorrow :). And most importantly see our girl dance in class and at the Koch. It will be a fun day for sure. Love this city and so grateful Nina and Poppy Stege are holding down the fort at home. It was a busy night of taxiing kids around, so I hope they survived. And hope our Loggy is on the mend. Yay for NYC and seeing our fav New Yorker!

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Nancy Gritter said...

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Glad you made it safe and sound to your happy place; your home away from home!! Have FUN, Enjoy the BIG performance in Koch theater and have a GREAT time dancing Hailey!! xoxo Nina