Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's good when some days are over

Sometimes it's just good when a day is done.  This was one of those days. No particular reason it was this way, but I was just ready for it to be done when it started.  I think that is ok, especially now that it is almost over :)
I am not taking many pics lately just bc I have not been feeling my best both mentally and physically...but here's a few of the day...

In between preschools we did some bday party "window shopping".  The theme will be cars, but not sure if I will even do a specific kind.  Dylan had the CARS theme when he was little so I will probably stay away from that...maybe hotwheels or maybe just generic.  I need to get planning it though or it will never happen.  Loggy was pretty much happy with anything the store...and he wanted all of it.  He was sad when we left with none of it.  I am just not in a spending mood or a party planning mood.
He was pointing out to me that we have stamps already...yes, we do...I had forgotten we have car stamps.
I picked up my middle girl from school today bc she had an early violin lesson.  We stopped by our usual SB for a tasty drink!
D is not usually my artist, but I love this stenciling he started of us in NYC...I asked him where Hailey is and he said "in her hotel". Apparently she lives in a hotel full-time.  Must be nice!
My surprise in the mail and definitely a day brightener that I needed!  A 40th bday gift from my wonderful friends in MI!  Thank you, Paramo family!  Absolutely love it!
 Isn't it beautiful...and you know how I love personalized things. I have nothing like this and I will wear it a ton.  All the kids birthstones and very unique. Just made me smile today and I needed that.  Thank you, Melissa and fam for such a special bday gift.  It will remind me often of my 4 decades of life and how blessed I am!
Thumbs up for lunch with the principal today (a surprise for her...she loves pizza!) and also thumbs up for moving to the 3rd grade class today...she and her best friend from class both get to take class with the 3rd grade at certain times of the day.  She loved it and said "it was easy" :)  
And below is my evening with my AWANA kiddos...Loggy even amused me and put on his vest that he never wears.   I honestly would have loved a night at home to do nothing...but sometimes we just have to force ourselves to do things.  Life.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!