Saturday, January 21, 2017

Party prep, first cello solo, first bball game and lots more party prep...

Still prepping so no times!
 a few pics....of party prep :)  Lo is a balloon blowing pro!
 the first cello pics of him playing are sooo pixelated....this was a better pic.  He played his Twinkle theme with awesomeness!
 Some hustle on the bball court...but I think after his rough night last night he was a bit tired.
 We did celebrate his first cello solo and Upwards bball game with Rally's. We have never been, but it's just like Checkers and I used to love that place in FLL!  He had his fav--an oreo shake! His bro just loves him!
 More party prep!  Thumbs up!  Or maybe that was just to appease mama?  He loves making banners!
 Wee hours of the night still prepping...and playing violin in the background :)
 He was darling...sat himself down and just cut away :)  All he wanted to do was help :)  He cried himself to sleep bc we made him go to bed.
 Bless her...she made a front door sign :)

We are's 130am and we have to work at church tomorrow too....soooo tired.  Looking soooo forward to tomorrow night and sleep!!

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