Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rest for the Weary

 Well, it was a waste of a day...I think so, at least.  My mom was kind enough to say it was a much-needed rest day...but I had so much to do and did none of it.  My morning was spent at the doc trying to figure out my urinary issues. Not fun...and will be less fun with lots of procedures coming up.  My light in the day was chillin' with my Logster.  We had nachos, watched movies, read books and in the midst of that I somehow fell asleep. He even put his pillow under my head so I could sleep comfortably. He's the sweetest :)  But somehow I slept til the alarm went off for school pick-up. Stellar mom day.  Ugh.
 LOL!  The fun bday package from Nina and Pops arrived.  Dylan was excited.  The puzzle perplexed him though!
 This was how I felt a few hours earlier...and sure enough...he gave in to the exhaustion too....he gave in before he even put his hand in the cheez-it mix.  And yes, the other two in the back were not far behind...everyone was napping by the time we got to swimming.
 Finally had time to order D's big cookie cake for his school celebration on Friday.  He went right for the bball cake...Pops would be proud :)
 We had a swim/dive meeting tonight...and got to see Shelb diving.  She is focusing on diving instead of swimming...there are about 60 swimmers.  Probably 10 divers.  Better odds.  She needs to overcome her fear of the board though.  I think she'd make an awesome diver!
 Nice form!
 Very cold standing outside the water...blue lips and all :)
 Somber tonight...he told us he "hated us all".  His words.  We think this does not include his Hayeee, but not sure :)  The cards for Auntie Mary and great-grandma and Nina and Pops sorta helped cheer him up :)
 hee hee...we thought it was funny both Auntie Mary and Nina picked out kitty cards!  She loved them!
And lice laundry...still undone...it was that kinda of unproductive day.

Tomorrow is a new day...or maybe it will be another nap day.  The possibilities are endless.  I just know I cannot keep up with this pace.

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