Sunday, January 22, 2017

Revving Racecar Party Compete! YAY!

 Well, as with most parties, we are wiped...and just happy it is over!  But I will say, we had fun with this one.  It was a lot of prep (probably too much, as they would have been happy with just playing), but a fun theme and we put our all into it. I was proud of myself too bc in the end I gave up on stuff and just let it go.  No stress.  And the fun four-year-old had a great day surrounded by his best buds.  Just a few pics so that I can actually be asleep before 2am!  The cute bday racer with his speedy cake.  I think this is one of my fav cakes.  I just loved it. Thank you to whoever created the idea online.  And special thanks to Sewing Sharon for the awesome shirt she created. It is also one of my favs.  She has the best creations and we just treasure them!  It was perfect for the party!
 Party table...I will post closeups later, but the food was super easy.  Crazy speedster in his car :)
 Honestly the best part of the day for most of the kids was just playing with the race play area Dylan had set up.  And of course this thrilled Dylan. He said after the party that he was pretty happy with himself for setting up the best part of the party! haha :)  No pride there!
 The kids did seem to really liked the racetracks daddy set up.  It was cute.  We probably should have raced some more, but we made it a quick race.  A couple of the girls weren't interested.  But the boys seemed to love it! 
 Our racecar cute!
 An attempt at a group could only get them to stand there if they could make a crazy face. This is what I got.  Minus our bestie, Sophie, who just wanted to go home and nap (can't say I blame her...girl after my own heart! :))
 Time for cake! 
 The party table...they really dug into the food!
 The pinata was a hit too. It opened midway through, but the lollipops clogged it so nothing came out til the end.  Ya never know how pinatas will go. 
Gift opening...cute!  He absolutely loved all his gifts. In fact, when asked what the best part of his party was, he said, "my airplane", that he got from his friend.  It was very cute.  He opened his gifts for hours after the party...cutting them open with his scissors by himself.  It was very sweet.  He just loved his special day and all the work makes it worth it.  Such a great group of friends and sweet moms (and dads!)  It was a good day...and another gorgeous day outside.  He played on his new scooter and we played bball into the evening.  And we ended the night talking to our Hays.  Bonus!  Now, we sleep...and then prep for our NYC visit!

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Nancy Gritter said...

What an amazing party! Looks like it was a huge success and lots of fun for all who attended! Love the cake! Logee looks so happy and excited! A wonderful day ! 😄😍❤️ Nina

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!