Sunday, January 22, 2017

Scenes de Ballet debut!

Well, it was a big day for our ballerina.  Her debut of the SAB Scenes De Ballet....which meant it was her first time performing at the Koch Theater.  So exciting.  I wish I could have been there.  But she did send me a few pics (well, not sure I count the last two as she conveniently omitted her face...our typical New Yorker!) :)  But I love seeing her having fun with her roomie (above) and love the beautiful coral color of the costumes.
Check out that arch! :)  And I do love the costumes (just miss the ballerina's face :)).  She said it all went well.  Another show on Tuesday and then we get to see her live on Friday night!  Can't wait.  It's times like this that it hits me that we are just too far away from her.  I miss just seeing her at the IU MAC down the road for everything.  So proud of you, Hays!


Nancy Gritter said...
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Nancy Gritter said...

BEAUTIFUL Hailey! Bet you are having a blast! Enjoy every wonderful moment! So very proud of you! ❤😍