Friday, January 20, 2017

TGIF! Inauguration Day, Finish-cake day, party prep night and a lotsa tears evening (plus a NYC dress rehearsal)

 Well, not going pic by pic tonight...sleep is too precious.  But these "extra in our bed" nights are getting old (see pic above)  At least someone is sleeping like a baby! was a stay at home day, but not a lay around one...the cake took longer than intended (that just never happens :))...but someone did help by doing the back by himself :)  We did multi-task and watched the Inauguration too. :)  We did have fun getting our goody bags ready and stuffing our pinata.  He loves that's like a big, matchbox car!  And it was all hands on deck tonight for party prep.  We had hoped to go to church for the picnic/movie night, but we just needed a down night to get stuff done and get to bed earlier. Well, that backfired. We did have pizza night in front of the tv.  But then the tears started coming (over laundry, cello, violin, being too busy, being too tired, drama, drama)...I think all but one of the kids was crying...and it wasn't who you'd think.  It was a rough night...two were pretty hysterical.  We are all tired.  The silver lining of the day is that our sweet New Yorker had her dress rehearsal tonight for her 1st big show on Sunday--Scenes De Ballet...and she sent me a couple pics. So exciting. Wish I was there...but glad I could see a couple pics. Love that color on her.  Can't wait to see it in person in a week!



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Nancy Gritter said...

The Party stuff looks awesome!! The cake, amazing!! That pinata is going to be so much fun! Have fun at your party Logee!! Dylan you look so good playing that cello!! I will be thinking of you as you do your solo! AND look at all those Shopkins Ashley!! Hailey, you LOOK amazing!! Love your costume!! What fun you are gonna have on the BIG stage!! Enjoy!! xo Nina