Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tired Tuesday

 Well, it was not the best start to our school week.  Daddy didn't sleep and thus I didn't sleep.  He was good enough to let me go back to bed at 7am, but I stink at going back to sleep.  Thus us in pjs still at 11am.  But alas it was not an all-day-pj day.  We were off the get our grocery shopping done!  But first we watched a little Scooby :)
 Happy at Kroger bc they had cookies!  They have not had them much lately....he has been grumpy.  But it was a good day...cookie and stickers...and he saved some to send to his Hayeee!
 And off to Sams...I gave in and finally bought the big tub of butter creme!  I am hoping it saves me time and in the end, money...my sis-in-law swears by it!  This should last me through Shelb's bday.  And if it needs to be used before then, I can just have it as my morning snack :)
 I was really doing good...made all the grocery stops in good time...got some laundry and dishes done...caught up on emails...but alas in the process, I lost my keys. I thought I had locked them in the van, so I had to call daddy at work to get the kids from school. Ugh, I felt so bad.  And of course the moment he walked in the door, we found them in the couch.  Oops!  The bonus of no keys is we were home when Shelb got off the bus...and she did a puzzle with us!
 Off to violin. I felt bad she had to go by herself...I had to run to church for cub scouts. She was a good sport though about it :)
 Someone got an award finally...yay.  Go, D!  I rarely go to meetings anymore bc he doesn't get many awards. He is almost done with cub scouts.  Only a couple more months.  Sniffle sniffle.
 He also got his popcorn awards...cool stuff!  Crazy kid :)  But he did great selling.
 Cub scouts got done early, so I raced back to violin in time to hear Shelb play her Vivaldi...she is playing her solo for the ISSMA solo contest next week.
Sorry this is sideways, but still a cute pic...of Dylan's beginner string group from school before their concert last Thursday...aren't they cute?  He's on the right, 3rd in. His teacher sent it to me.  Love it.

So, that was our day...up way too late still...hoping we sleep more tonight!  A busy rest-of-week!

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!