Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wacky Wednesday (not really)

Ok, so it wasn't a wacky Wednesday...but it was a usual busy one.  Lots of school, school, school...and I stayed for Loggy's "old preschool" chapel. His best buddy sat with us was very sweet. :)
 In between preschools we headed to Target to get our friends some goodies to take home at the big racecar party on Sunday!  We also ate our lunch there. We have to double task sometimes!  We did get some pretty cool glowing wheel cars, but Loggy was more interested in picking out toys he wanted for himself :)
The day went by quickly...I baked and cleaned and party planned...the kids all had school/double school...and Shelby had her first orchestra practice for her ISSMA competiton. Then I raced her over to her first group class at IU for this semester.  The rest of us had our dinner date with daddy at Wendys...the easiest/cheapest meal we can do in between violin and Awana.  It works.  Yes, you spy a chicken nugget in the Lo's hand...he ate two in order to get his mini Frosty!  Proof that the boy can eat if he wants to!  Thanks, Auntie Lein for the Frosty coupons...they all used them tonight! Yumm!
 Proof of his nugget treat! 
 He enjoyed it so much it ended up in his hair!
 I was finally able to see a group's been almost 2 months since I've seen one.  Shelb moved up to group 5 finally. She has been on the verge for awhile, but they had too many in this class before...and now too many in her other class, so she was on the list next to move up. YAY!  She likes the class and it seems like more serious students than the last class (aka older)...I did laugh a little bc all the girls in the back (4 of them) remind me a Shelby.  One was evening wearing the same sweater and skirt she has :)

Shelb practiced her solo (Vivaldi) for her competition and got great feedback from her teacher.  She needs to play louder and with more confidence. I know she can do it!
 Her post violin Wendys treat...she loves their chili...and we laughed they gave her 3 spoons!  Plus she laughed bc she has never seen a Jr. Frosty apparently and it was incredibly small and humorous!
 Proof of my hour and a half of baking.  So grateful I now have a double oven...I baked 6 cakes and a few dozen cupcakes in half the time it would have taken me in the old house.  Yay for that!  I also made a double batch of fondant and colored it.  You know what that means...tomorrow is cake day.  Oh joy!  Loggy is excited. He likes to "help" :)
 Daddy was on church duty...he picked up Lo early from AWANA and they must have played.  Apparently Lo prefers playing with pink trucks...he even turned his back on the pirate ship for it :)
 Look what came in the mail today! 
 YAY for a pinata that can zoon like a car!  He was excited!
 And speaking of cars...we have a new (old) one!  Forgot to mention yesterday that our old Yukon bit the dust...and poor Kev's parents had it in their custody.  So....we now own there old car. They were going to give it to us anyway...just a few months from now.  So grateful for a reliable vehicle and to not pay almost $10,000 to have our Yukon fixed!  The kids (Awana gang :))...were pretty excited!

 Someone wasn't feeling good today (though you wouldn't know it by the pic below :))...but she had the nurse call me from school...only problem it was at 3pm when I was already leaving to get her. So needless to say she just stayed in the nurses station til I got there.  Poor girl and her belly ache :) 
 Cellist practicing his solo for Saturday...Twinkle Twinkle :)
And that was that...a full day and a fuller night...and sure to get fuller...Thursdays are our new fullest day.  Off to try to get a good night's sleep...haha :)

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