Tuesday, February 28, 2017

YAY, Feb. is done!...an fMRI, a pencil injury repair (me), Joshua Bell...and other things...

 updated pics will come later...but here's a few teaser pics....we have graduated up from chips and cheese to grilled cheese. My boy is growing up!  He eats just about all the staples now (chix nuggets, mac n cheese and grilled cheese!)  What is the world coming to?
 I am impressed Ash can do this, but she jumped at the chance to earn a couple gifts and a $20 gift card to Target (she wants new black leggings)!  Helping IU out is a good thing too.  She was a champ today!  YAY, MRI-Ash!
 Lucky us....we got to see our fav. famous violinist at IU!  Wish we had been less tired though. We were both falling asleep (his music is just that relaxing :)).  And bad timing since she has ISTEP all week...but oh well.  Can't pass up and opportunity to see Josh!
And how lucky are these IU orchestra folks...getting to play with him.  We have such amazing opportunities here in Bloomington!

Monday, February 27, 2017

My first time being a preschool teacher...and another swim meet!

 Well, it was a busy Monday as usual, but a good one. I got to have my first chance at being a preschool teacher!  I loved it!  My friend, Rene, asked me a month ago to fill in for her so she could go to Disney with her family.  I was thrilled for her and also thrilled for me. I love this preschool and love helping out here...and honestly getting paid for it seemed weird...bc it was so fun!  I was trying to get a pic (above) of Loggy dancing, but honestly seeing his teacher dance in this pic was more fun!  Look at Miss Marilyn go! :)  I love that a teacher can have so much fun at her job! :)  What a blessing she is to these kiddos :)
 I look old and tired (which I am!), but I love this pic of my baby boy...and he loved having mama at preschool all morning.  He didn't even hang on me too much.  The kids seemed to warm up to me too. They called me Miss Rene for a bit, which I said was fine since my middle name is Renee!  But halfway through they were calling my Miss Kelly.  I felt like I was accepted :) haha :)
 My day flew by. I only had 45mins at home and I just put my feet up and did nothing. I have realized I need to do this to brace for busy mornings and busy evenings.  Then I picked up my fav. swimmer and she had her dinner of champs...Wendys chili and a free frosty!
 Then picked these rascals up who were celebrating Dr. Seuss week with Green day...green eggs and ham....also ISTEP testing (for D)...not as fun as Suessy week :)
 Then off to the 3rd swim meet.  First time we took the kids to a meet....also the last time.  Not a good idea.  This silly boy was in good spirits for maybe 15 minutes....of the 3 hour meet.
 Shelb did great....she's in the last lane...doing the relay....she did the breast stroke (2nd person) part of the relay
 Nice form on her entry off the boards
 the captivated audience that were only happy when eating candy :)
 Look who was timing tonight...the all-star Calvin swimmer :)  He was giving Shelb pointers...or rather telling her that lane 1 and lane 8 do not count in the races....and that is all she has ever swam.  She felt a little defeated to know none of her times have ever counted. :(  Why her coaches did not tell her this is beyond me. 
 More pointers....on her breast stroke
 Ready to go...
 Again, nice dive!
 It was coincidental that daddy was timing in the same lane Shelb was in...
 She did awesome in her individual breast stroke.
 4th place (lane 1) out of 6...she really should have been IN the race and not lane 1.  But not for us to decide.
 Not sure what they were talking about here...maybe how it doesn't matter if your time counts...you should be trying to improve your time just for yourself.....
 ...this is what was going on next to me...pretty much for 2.5 hours.  Miserable...he was hot, tired, hungry, thirsty, mad, sad, you name it...anything but happy! :(
But it was a good day and good night.  Proud of our swimmer. She's doing a great job!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A (mostly) daddy-less Sunday

 Well, Sundays are usually my fav day. We have church, we have violin, that's it...and daddy is home.  But not today. :(  We did have him for church bc it was Scout Sunday and he and D were helping greet.  Don't they look snazzy in their unis?!  Last time they get to do this...sort sad.  And daddy was talking too much I guess and missed the offering/communion part, which I know D likes to help with.  Oh well. 
 I was downstairs helping in Lo's area.  He was having a good ol time with the boys in his room!  We had a small crowd, which was good since Kev wasn't with me most of the time.  And I finally got the day right...last week I thought I was working and got here early and realized it wasn't the right Sunday. My mind is going lately!
 On the way home we had a fun car wash adventure at our new car wash. Had to use our free car wash coupons. I have 6 of them! :)  Loggy loved this :)  He said it smelled like donuts.  Maybe he is thinking of the donut car wash in NYC?
 Daddy left shortly after lunch so that meant Lo had to come with us to violin lesson.  He wasn't too happy til he remembered these cool blocks!  He loves blocks!  He might not look happy here, but he is!
 Go, Shelb!  She was very tired, working on her new Vivaldi solo.  Harder than the other one.
 He was making them fit back together in the box like a puzzle.  He has such an analytical mind.
 Honestly, these poor kids just need down time to play.  I let them have it for awhile.  But that is what our Spring Break will be in a couple weeks...so we do have that to look forward to!
 D finished up his party thank yous! 
 Lo helped me with box tops!  He loves to cut and tape things :)
 We did some chores. (this way next weekend we don't have to do very much...yay!)
 D painted his derby car...flames?  I mistakenly gave him glitter paint so it will be a little sparkly at is speeds down the track (maybe that will make it extra fast?!) :)
 It wasn't 70 out, but I they wanted to go outside and they needed some fresh air. I happened to check on them as this was happening. Yes, that is Lo going full force down the driveway in his Tonka truck and Ashley was supposed to catch him before he went in the road.  Hmmm.  Not the best idea.  We have a semi busy street and I nixed this idea!
 This pic is for Hays...Dylan wanted you to imagine what he sounded like eating his tacos tonight :)  We know you miss his loud chewing :) :)
 More practice. This girl gets no rest. She's been sick for over a week and her schedule is nuts lately.  I hope she can sleep her days away on Spring Break!
And our evening...a Netflix movie (Home?) and popcorn and vanilla shakes.  They didn't get to watch all of it bc they had to be in bed early for ISTEP tomorrow.                                       
 And Hays likes to temp us with NYC food...and she succeeds. For some reason NYC food looks so much better than Indiana food.  I love green pasta...no idea what this is, but it looks yummy!  Maybe I will make something like this for St. Pat's Day in honor of our 17 year old! :)
 Also, no idea what this is (fococcia with nutella?)  Also looks good.
Hays and some ballet buds went out for a 1/2 bday celebration for Barb.  We love Barb. The kids call her "Babe Ruth".  (Ruth is her middle name). We hope she goes to IU next year and we can have her over sometimes!  Plus we'd love to watch her dance at the MAC.  And below is the gang at the restaurant (Serafina, I think?)

And now I'm waiting for my hubs to come home...sort of a lonely night.  Not my fav.  And we have an extremely busy week, so bracing for that!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A go-go-go Saturday...violin concert, celebratory Steak N Shake, bball, and a England fundraiser Pizza supper (among other things)

No rest for the weary. Up early for a concert.  I can't remember the last time a violin concert was early in the morn, but it was today.  A bummer since it was also like 20 degrees out and no one wanted to really go outside even to get in the van.  But we tried to wake up with a fancy bfast :)  Loggy was still asleep...he treasures his morning beauty sleep as much as I do!
The sleepy violinist. I feel for this girl. She is burning the candle at both ends...so tired all the time with her plethora of activities.  And getting up early is not her cup of tea either. But she did have her fav. bfast...blueberry muffins!
Yes, that is snow in her hair. I made her take her violin out and take a pic w/o her coat.  Mean mom.  But she didn't complain too much :) If only it was 70 degrees like yesterday...
Her awesome teacher tuning her violin. 
Sweet pic of her with her violin :)
Of course, we were in just the wrong spot to (not) see her play.  Go figure. And the place was packed so we could not move.  We are rarely in this lecture hall.
Seriously...total blockage of seeing her face.  But her Group 5 class did well.  I think a few were missing though.
The restless gang...it was only an hour long concert, but they did a few too many long solos in a row. Not good for younger children and sleepy parents :)
Celebratory flowers.  Ash picked them out. They are probably the best looking clearance flowers I have ever found. 
So proud of this girl!
Off to Steak N Shake to eat an early lunch and celebrate our Shelby-Violinist!   Loggy was thrilled with making his own cardboard Steak N Shake cars!
And flying them like airplanes.
Yumm...steak burgers and shakes hit the spot!  Almost as good as Shack Burgers...but not really :)
Someone was sleeping :)  And someone was giving attitude. She got in trouble at the concert for being rude in the middle of a solo piece...and then was also rude here.  Thus her not showing her face in the pic :(
Awww, this was so sweet.  He wanted to help pay for lunch with his dime.  He even took it up to the counter to help pay at the register, but then saw candy and wanted to buy that for himself.  The initial thought was nice  :)
We love Steak n Shake.  Used to be our fav. college hangout back in GR before I was officially dating Kev.  Now look at us...20 years later....
Back home to squeeze in some work time on the derby car (race is Friday)...they were wishing they'd gotten this done in 70 degree weather and not 20 degree.  Sometimes procrastination does not pay  off!
 Weighing it...didn't know derby cars were so complicated...but they have check in and weigh in on Thursday and if they are not the correct weight, they cannot be in the race!  Pressure!
 The semi-finished products...the black one is D's (needs flames still) and the "scrappy" one is our family car that Loggy can race.  Not sure sure about "scrappy"
We agreed he looked a little "crappy" :)
Chore time...and look who is doing the best job...the smallest one...others sure like to complain a lot though!
Someone was pretty excited about her special gift in the mail!
What she'd been wanting for swimming...a special swim towel...shammy thing...she's excited to use it at her next meet on Monday!
And off to D's bball game.  I have to laugh at Ash.  I always thought Hailey was social as a child...but Ash has her beat.  This girl chats with everyone.  Love her friendly spirit!
D's team was on fire!  They did really awesome even though they were low on players (and lost by one point).  I wish this was a clear pic, but it shows D's speed! haha :)  He shot a lot...didn't make all of them, but made a few.
Loggy found a friend...they had fun :)
 Some good defensive moves!
And another shot in!
Then off to our busy evening...4 hours of pizza suppering!  Shelby's BTV (Batchelor Television England group) was in charge of a Pizza Supper tonight at the American Legion.  It was a big fundraiser for the England trip and all the England kids were running it. We had sold tickets the last month.  Big thanks to Aunt Kim and Uncle Randy for buying a ton of tickets.  They have been one of Shelb's biggest fundraising supporters. We appreciate them!  Here is Mr. M. giving the gang the schpeal on serving drinks and wiping tables.
Not sure if this was the kind of serving he was meaning...but they did enjoy serving themselves first! haha :)  Nice look, Shelb!
It was a great crowd of people who came out to support these kids. They sold like 200 tickets and made a couple thousand bucks.  Awesome!  That means less money for us to pay for the trip! (can you spot Shelb here?  I think this was the table that gave her tips for getting them sugar?)
We really worked her hard at our table...we had our friends there too, who also bought tickets from Shelb.  We all took advantage of Shelby serving us for the night! :)
LOL...D hassled her a little....something about some bad soda she served us!
She hassled him back...she will make a great waitress someday!
All tuckered out after serving for 4 hours.  She had to serve herself a celebratory drink!
Our New Yorker was roughing it tonight at Magnolia Bakery...she sent me a pic of her half eaten cheesecake.  Thanks, Hays.  Looks like red velvet and very yummy
Celebrating a friend's bday.  I had no idea Magnolia's had a back room to do this.  Otherwise we wouldn't have made Hailey have her bday Magnolia stuff outside in the dark at Lincoln Center on her 16th.  Nice to know!    

And poor daddy...up late doing TADS (aka..."ballet taxes")  Due early this year, on Monday, so we need to get it done!  It is the only way we can afford to send our daughter away to NYC.  We have been very blessed by aid so far.  I pray that continues.  But it has to get done tonight since this poor guy works all day and night tomorrow.  A long weekend for sure.  Not the restful kind like we need.